What is SalesLoft?

SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that helps sellers and sales teams work more effectively, drive more revenue, and optimize processes. SalesLoft provides the multichannel sales communication platform, with email, social media, dialer, calendaring, direct sales, and meeting intelligence available in an easy-to-use dashboard. Thus you can interact with customers through different communication channels.

The key features include a sales email engine, cadence scheduling, integrated dialer, automation rules, custom fields, automatic time zone detection, voicemail drop, email automation, tier integrations, advanced analytics, local dial, roles and permissions, email attachments, live call studio and single-sing on (SSO/SAML).

With multi-touch Cadences, you can automate your account-based plays and buyer journeys that can be personalized by account, shared across your team, and continually optimized.

The platform allows representatives of the sales development department to observe more meaningful activities by expediting their calls and emails to maximize sales efficiency.

SalesLoft enables sales managers to use data analytics to improve productivity with real-time coaching and track sales performance metrics at the team or individual levels.

Sales departments can turn their data into important insights, then insights into revenue, and gain control over processes that contribute to the success of the company. 

SalesLoft provides predictability, accountability, and scalability to sales organizations so leaders can understand the true ROI of sales activities and be confident in their actions.

SalesLoft seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, LinkedIn Sales Navigation, Sync, Zoom, and more.

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