What is Salesmate?

Salesmate is a web-based integrated CRM solution that includes sales management, business automation, and acceleration features. It is a unified customer platform that helps you engage prospects, increase sales, and customize customer experiences. Its extensive feature set enables you to create more leads, sell more products, and build long-term client relationships.

To streamline your sales workflow, you may integrate Salesmate with your preferred apps, for example Google Apps, Microsoft Apps, Quickbooks, PandaDoc, and 700+ more apps. It is specially created to increase your productivity, revenue, and savings.

  • Messages, chats, texting, conferences, presentations, and more are all built-in.
  • Stop squandering time and money with a variety of third-parties apps.
  • Simple, powerful and adaptable to your specific business needs.
  • Because it is simple to use, there is no need for training; you can get started in minutes.
  • Business procedures should be organized and automated.

Some of our important features:

  • Built-in Calling. Your CRM dashboard is integrated with Salesmate's built-in phone system. This means that you may make phone calls inside the CRM system, arrange and prioritize conversations, and outsource calls to specific people. This software automatically monitors and analyzes all calls and even archives recordings to keep you informed at all times.
  • Power Dialer. It is an automatic dialing solution that allows you to call numbers from a manually entered list of contacts or prospects. It's an easy yet effective dialing method that calls numbers one by one, ensuring that the previous call is done before going on to the next.
  • Customer Journey Automation. Salesmate's easy and visual journey builder allows you to create customer journeys. Using best-in-class software, automate the complete customer journey. With multichannel messaging and incredibly simple reports, you can improve the customer experience across their whole journey.
  • Email Drip Sequences. It's an email marketing method that sends a series of emails to a customer over a set length of time. The messages are sent out at defined intervals and are prompted by an event or action taken by the customer.
  • Workflow Automation. CRM process automation can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Data monitoring that is automated can provide reminders to sales and marketing teams to perform specific duties. It can keep track of the progress of leads. Automations may result in shorter turnaround times.

Salesmate is one of the most highly regarded platforms for companies in the SaaS, software, branding, property investment, healthcare, and economics industries, among others. Thanks to no-code automation, you could get more done, develop easier, and save time. For your business, you may test it out for free for 15 days.

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