What is SalesNOW?

SalesNOW is a cloud-based, mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution that centralizes all data and gives all members of the sales force access to it. Sales management, lead tracking, customer management, marketing, chat, and other features are included in the program.

Sales teams can access and update data from any device using SalesNOW. Users can get one-touch driving directions for appointments with native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry, and they can work offline if they lose connection. Sales activity tracking, pipeline management, real-time visibility for managers, and sales forecasting and reporting are among SalesNOW's sales management capabilities. As needed, records and tasks can be shared across reps and teams, and assignments can be given to team members.

SalesNOW includes a web-to-lead form for internet lead collecting, one-step lead conversion, and lead source tracking, as well as a customisable lead tracking system. The use of an integrated chat allows team members to communicate with one another. Gmail and Microsoft Outlook inboxes, as well as marketing automation platforms like Constant Contact, can all be integrated with SalesNOW.