What is SalesOutlook?

SalesOutlook is well-known for being a pioneer in the use of Microsoft Outlook as the primary platform for CRM solutions. Organizations in over 18 countries use SalesOutlook's award-winning software. SalesOutlook is known for its customization to improve the business performance of its clients, with solutions for both small businesses and large corporations.

The scope of the marketing campaign is completely customizable with SalesOutlook CRM solutions. SalesOutlook's ability to manage sales teams is one of its most popular features, as it increases productivity while decreasing internal costs. Organizations can rely on accurate sales forecasts by using this tool to create a sales process. SalesOutlook also provides tools for managing email campaigns, resulting in the best possible sales results at the lowest possible cost.

Jive is a print shop that generates leads and grows its business through its website. Jive was able to increase conversion rates, stay in touch with valuable clients, and create databases with detailed client information using SalesOutlook. Jive saw a 71 percent increase in sales in its first year with SalesOutlook CRM and has seen double-digit growth every year since.

Highlights of the CRM

SalesOutlook adds a toolbar to Outlook’s existing toolbar which provides quick access to the different modules of the CRM.

The Following are some of the notable features of SalesOutlook:

  • SalesOutlook toolbar quick add/search
  • When you open an account or make a contact, use sticky notes.
  • Automatic Filing – All incoming and outgoing emails (including attachments) are automatically filed and linked to the appropriate contact, ensuring that you never miss an important email again.
  • Templates for emails, business documents, and so on are built in.
  • Because of the strong integration with Microsoft Office, you can create Word, Excel, and other documents from within the Outlook CRM, and the information is automatically extracted from the account or contact.
  • Excel, Power BI, and Crystal Reports provide extensive reporting.
  • Integration Teams for Oracle NetSuite and Constant Contact Phone integration for auto-dialing and call tracking.




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