What is Salpo CRM?

Salpo CRM is a customer relationship management software that delivers your company a complete panorama of all business information through mobile devices and desktops.

It monitors and tracks calls, emails, and notes from and against individuals, businesses or projects and analyses them in one software for access and documentation.

With Salpo software, your managers are ready to perform and achieve their assigned tasks. The CRM automation potential permits targeting the necessary prospects at the most suitable time, significantly increasing their conversion rates and drive sales.

Robust and seamless pre-built integrations with popular and widely used business applications, combined with a powerful business rules engine, enable Salpo users to extend the software’s functionality further and streamline crucial business workflows.

Principal benefits of Salpo CRM

Email connector automated

Salpo CRM works with an IMAP email connector and integrations with G Suite and Office 365. This feature allows for seamless yet straightforward email sync. Regardless of location, you can send emails to any individual from any device. Any adjustment and the software automatically syncs and updates individual and organization contact profiles without requiring additional software and bizarre tags in subject lines.


Salpo CRM can be made-to-measure of your business needs, its existing systems, structure, workflows, etc. This is due to the unlimited custom fields and software’s modular design. You can implement and introduce your configurations from the control panel without dealing with code work and sans the development costs. It helps you closely follow whatever is crucial to your company with dynamic filtering and live dashboard reporting.

Additionally, the platform allows users to customizable modules, supports multi-layer connections for connecting contacts and data, and is built to automate actions according to set business rules.

Advanced user permissions

You have complete control over who has entry to certain pages across teams and organizations. You can put up a ring-fence around specific Contacts and Opportunities so that salespeople can only see their pipeline and focus on that.

Deep software integrations

With a DEAR Inventory integration, Salpo CRM is the only software that is able to give a complete e-commerce platform. Besides, Salpo CRM is equipped with an open RESTful API functionality that allows endless deep software integrations.

Software Salpo is a partner of Xero Connected App (online accounting software solution) and RingCentral (call center/sales solution) and features integrations with numerous email marketing solutions, including MailChimp, Emma, and SendGrid, plus G Suite, Office 365, and more. 

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