What is SAP CRM?

SAP CRM is an excellent choice for businesses already using the SAP software ecosystem. It connects effortlessly to other SAP suites, such as finance and back-end operations. It`s a comprehensive solution for sales, marketing, and customer service departments. It also provides some of the most advanced data analytics on the market. However, it`s difficult to integrate SAP with third-party tools. CRM is also too large and expensive for most small businesses and startups. Ease of Use The SAP CRM interface is configured based on roles, similar to Salesforce. In other words, your customer service team will see a different screen than a sales rep. This makes for a simple and uncluttered user experience.

Further customization can be made based on personal preferences, such as the layout. Slow performance is a common complaint among SAP CRM users. It also lacks the modern and responsive interface common to cloud-based software. Customer Data SAP offers one of the most sophisticated customer data platforms. You can unify all customer data from both online and offline sources.

Data from third-party software, in-house storage, multichannel touchpoints, and legacy systems are combined into a single customer profile. The profile is constantly being updated, ensuring you receive real-time business insights. SAP CRM also ensures you store data according to the highest standards of data privacy.

If you`re trying to comply with the latest regulation on consumer privacy, SAP is one of the strongest options on the market. Sales SAP`s built-in forecasting tools give your sales team actionable insights. For example, you can instantly determine the win-probability of an account or the best product to pitch based on SAP`s data analysis. It reduces a lot of the guesswork in driving sales and engaging existing customers.

SAP also provides a wide range of automation features. Data entry can be a time-consuming project for any sales rep. SAP automates much of this process with the “interaction capture” feature. You can also automate other labor-intensive tasks, such as follow ups and automated dialing. Marketing SAP CRM`s advanced data insights also help you segment your audience and deliver targeted messaging. You can achieve personalization, from a company perspective to a single user, through the many filters and customization options. SAP can also integrate all your communication channels to deliver a seamless customer experience. And when you reach out to prospects and clients, SAP provides proven templates for a great customer experience, handpicked from leading brands.

Customer Service 360-degree client profiles give your service agents instant access to the latest customer data. Customers can seek assistance on any channel, with any rep, and the client data will automatically be saved to their profile. SAP also provides a self-service portal, so customers get immediate assistance. Agents are then free to solve more complex problems.