What is SchoolMint?

SchoolMint is a student enrollment software that is used in PreK-12 schools, districts, and cities. SchoolMint incorporates application and lottery management, registration management, and recruitment management technology, as well as school choice, unified enrollment, and digital form and document features, to streamline the school enrollment process.

Users can automate school applications, lotteries, and waitlists using the online application and lottery management functionality. Users can manage application forms, view analytics and track open seats in real time, run transparent lotteries, and integrate with school information systems using SchoolMint's central platform (SIS). Users can also manage registration forms and re-enrollment forms in real time, as well as track registration and enrollment status.

SchoolMint's school choice and open enrollment management features help to improve the school choice and participation experience by allowing users to manage school information and enrollment processes as well as monitor enrollment demand via SchoolMint's centralized reporting system. SchoolMint facilitates digital form and document management by allowing users to create and track custom forms as well as upload and store student documents.

SchoolMint provides users with the ability to track and manage applications through a native, multilingual iOS and Android mobile app. Parents can use the mobile app to apply to schools, register students, and complete and submit forms from anywhere, at any time. The app also allows you to communicate with your parents via text, email, and in-app notifications.