What is Second CRM?

CRM software with easy-to-use tools for Small & Medium Enterprises. To remove the paper processes and use a digital alternative that allows everyone in the company to be on a Common Digital Platform, regardless of one’s functional role. Additional permissions can be assigned only to specific users, depending on their sales and customer service roles.

Second CRM offers the commonly used office apps in a single system at a highly reasonable price and a platform-based approach rather than buying multiple isolated systems, which might not work well together or even align with the long-term digital strategy.

Benefits of Second CRM

Customer Management

A CRM software with a central place stocks all customer data and tracks interactions, including contact history (e-mail and SMS), relevant documents, calendar activities, and call notes.

It comes with a task dashboard that visually depicts all the tasks at various stages, with priority and due dates and gets timely notifications so that no customer request is left out.

Employee Management

A CRM that builds a centralized employee database to ensure greater team visibility, add employees with a detailed profile, job contract and track passport & visa expiry dates.

Allows easy submission of employee leaves and claims, along with required documents, and direct to the reporting managers for approval or rejection with a single click.

Office Automation

Organize meetings efficiently with automated invitations and reminders, and send news and updates about the company to all or selected employees.

Keep track of the monthly bills and expenses, set reminders, auto-create payment records for processing, and add relevant documents to the repository for easy access by co-workers.

Centralized Customer Database

You can get a complete view of every customer, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, social insights to campaign history. Highly useful to get the new sales guys up to mark in no time.

Consolidate Customer Details

CRM allows you to consolidate all customer interactions in one place for future reference, including contact history (e-mails and SMS), past and upcoming opportunities, quotes and invoices, relevant files, calendar activities and internal discussions with your team in a single view.

Segment Your Customer Data

The data collected can analyze patterns and trends for effective customer segmentation. Narrow down your results by applying custom filters and sorting them according to your preferences.

Track Customer Activity History

With a Second CRM, you can log all your activities with every contact in an organized manner. Log notes for phone calls and off-screen related activities will direct to your customers’ activity history.

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