What is Skyward CRM?

Skyward Customer Relationship Management software allows companies to streamline purchases, production process, material costing, finance, and labor planning. It can also be extended to territory management, sales, warehouse management, and more using a single platform.

Skyward is a digital solution for small and medium businesses, offers both cloud and on-premises deployment. Essential functions include sales force automation, partner management, sales performance management and reporting.

Features of Skyward CRM

Here is the list of the main qualities of this SaaS software:


 Skyward is integrated business intelligence to analyze performance & implement steps of business planning. Video support and visual processes to see complete methods is accessible 24-7. Easy to learn modules and exercises.

Marketing Automation

CRM allows controlling procedures right from capturing orders and turning them to production schedules, managing delivery, tracking inventory and billing. Production status, delivery status, tracing lot numbers, managing vendors for quality, checking production statistics, and adhering to quality standards procedures like OHSAS and ISO are made trouble-free using Skyward CRM.

Quality management & capacity utilization processes become easy owing to Skyward Implementation. Production activities like planning, costing, material planning, billing, machine handling and maintenance, and process definition can be streamlined to achieve cost leadership using CRM. 


Allows users to get real-time financial status of the organization, create & share ledgers, Bank reconciliation, TDS management, Foreign currency management, tax accounting, budgeting, logistics accounts, cash flow management. Generate P&L statements, balance sheets and reports. 

Management Customer Service

The software provides insights into key inventory performance indicators to optimize hands-on stock levels while maintaining reliable supplies for on-time deliveries. Also, CRM allows inventory valuation using a weighted average, LIFO, FIFO ( LIFO - last in, first out. Inventory management applies to nonperishable goods and uses current prices to calculate the cost of goods sold. FIFO -first in, first out. Inventory management looks to sell older products first so that the business is less likely to lose money when the products expire or become obsolete) and helps manage optimum inventory while keeping the costs low.

Management Sales

Skyward CRM boosts your sales by reaching out to customers on time, providing timely delivery, quality service & overall a beneficial purchase experience. The software maintains critical customer information and facilitates order entry, product distribution, billing, credit management, taxation, export documentation, etc.

With a Skyward, you can control the reserve for a product and notice change in stocks due to purchases, sales, and goods transfers. And generate reports in real-time about opening and closing stocks. Arrangement of stock on basis of production batch, date, packing among others is made easy using Skyward.

The Skyward CRM software package is often used in the Agriculture & Aeronautics sectors by SME & Startup companies.

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