What is Slate?

This student CRM software can increase enrollment by streamlining the general application process. The software can be used to collect and process documents, manage applicant communications, calculate financial aid, and keep track of grades. It also facilitated alumni relationships, so you can keep ties to the university strong and endowments flowing. Contact Management You can connect with students across SMS, email, voice, print, and social media--all from a single platform. There's no more time wasted toggling between tools, plus all your student data is integrated into one platform for accurate, detailed student profiles.

Email Marketing Slate lets you set up templates that give you control over all components of your message, from design to content to segmentation. You can merge personal details, such as name and graduation year, to all your communications for a personal touch. Audience segmentation also ensures your message is tailored to the receiver, be they prospect, student, or alumni.

Event Management Slate's Events module makes it incredibly easy to add events, manage registration and payments, and report on event attendance. Event registration can be accomplished using a form builder, or by using the API to interface with an existing registration system. Any information collected via the even and registration process gets synced to the student record. You can then target students and alumni based on events they're most likely to attend. Admissions All admissions processes are tracked in Slate, providing a complete history of all applicants, interviews, admissions decisions, appeals, and enrollments. You can securely store relevant information, like financial data, transcripts, and employment history. Slate also integrates with several admissions software systems.

Alternatively, you can create your own dynamic admissions forms, whereby the content changes depending on which type of student is applying. All of this information can be accessed by sorting a particular field (financial aid students) or by viewing an individual student. Self-service portals are also available, allowing your admissions office to operate 24/7. Build a knowledge base of FAQs or allow students to electronically check the status of their admission.

Alumni Giving Donor fundraising and gifts are a huge part of a university's endowment, but managing the process has traditionally meant a lot of data entry and paperwork. Slate CRM can systemize your donations process by creating self-service donation portals. It can also automate donor communications and fundraising campaigns, as well as prompt reminders around certain times of the year, such as the Christmas Holidays. Slate can even issue a receipt and integrates with many accounting software systems.