What is SmartSales?

SmartSales is a comprehensive field sales CRM that minimizes paperwork, enables field sales people to sell more and better, and saves them up to 90 minutes every day. There will be no more waiting. In the app, you may upload papers, take orders, and make visit reports.

No more paperwork: Every document has been made digital. The software allows you to upload and download files. Orders can also be placed through the app.

Territory control: Customers and prospects can be geolocated and given qualities. As a result, your sales staff on the road gets a complete picture of every client and prospect in the area. This permits them to take advantage of possibilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. And thanks to custom attributes, they know how to prioritize their work.

Constant accuracy: Your salespeople on the road always deal with the most up-to-date data in terms of prices, discounts, and stocks thanks to real-time interaction with your ERP, CRM, and/or accounting software.

Greater customer satisfaction: Orders are placed on the customer's premises immediately away with real-time integration. As a result, the shipping departments receive the order form almost immediately. That means the consumer will have to wait one day less for their order.

More productivity: Less paperwork equals more time for meetings after visiting customers. This means additional time to complete transactions. SmartSales users say they have 5 more meetings per week on average than they did before they started using the software.