What is Soffront CRM?

Soffront CRM is a sophisticated platform that can serve everyone from small businesses to large franchise operators. The platform focuses on “user ROI” and ensuring the user benefits in terms of added convenience, efficiency, and time saved. Salespeople are incentivized to use the CRM, creating a win-win situation for employees, businesses, and customers. Soffront is a complete CRM package, with features for sales, marketing, and service teams. It also offers digital marketing services and franchise solutions. Ease of Use Soffront`s first priority is to the CRM user.

They`ve designed a platform that immediately incentivizes sales reps to use it. Features like click-to-dial, 360-degree client profiles, and automated data syncs save time and make life easier for reps. The UI is also clean and easy to navigate. These features improve user adoption rates, and help create a single source of truth for your business. Plus, improved efficiency helps your business scale and drive greater profits. Marketing Features Soffront offers custom-built web pages. Instead of the usual library of templates, you get an expert web designer and unlimited revisions.

Is you website failing to convert? Soffront can help you gauge web engagement and conversions, then alter your web design as needed. Every page is built to look great on mobile or desktop sites. Soffront also includes a CTA on every page and includes “lead magnets” to get those coveted prospect details. Soffront can also optimize your website through an SEO audit, keyword and competitor research, and on-page SEO. Soffront CRM also offers marketing automation, such as automatic lead capture which converts webforms to contact records in your CRM. You can also send automated, personalized email campaigns.

Drag and drop tools allow you to build eye-catching messages in minutes. Sales Features Sales automation turns marketing leads into follow-up tasks for the sales team. You never have to worry about squandering an opportunity. Soffront can automate task assignment, reminders, and auto-schedule appointments. Pipelines make your sales progress transparent. Plus, you can automate follow-up communications and tasks at each stage of the sales pipeline. Soffront also offers click-to-call straight from their web browser. Franchise Management You can combine Soffront`s powerful CRM with their franchise software add-on.

This add-on application, called Brandwide, standardizes processes and increases collaboration between outlets. It`s possible to manage and communicate with franchisees around the world. Create a single platform for marketing, onboarding, communication, customer profiles, sales processes, and more, with Brandwide`s unique integrated franchise platform.