What is Solid Performers CRM?

Solid Performers CRM is one of the few SAAS CRM Software capable of performing multiple functions such as lead management, lead follow-up management, client management, client follow-up management, lead to client conversion in one click, proposal management, proforma invoice management, invoice management, product management, finance management, project management, and a variety of other functions.

They also provide a Custom Module Creation feature, which allows the client to design any new function based on the business's requirements. Sales Automation They're here to help you automate the majority of the sales operations that you currently execute manually on a daily basis. Everything is taken care of in a simple and efficient manner with them. Simply connect all of your lead sources with Solid Performers in a matter of minutes and watch the magic unfold. Customization Custom Dashboard Create several dashboards based on your business needs, complete with visually appealing graphs and charts to help you better understand your company.

Custom Reports Create several data reports or summary reports in just a few clicks, allowing you to better understand your business. Field Customization Without any technical skills, you can add, modify, or disable any field in any of the primary modules based on your business needs. Custom Modules You can construct several custom modules in addition to the basic accessible modules and utilize them for a variety of reasons. Best for Solid Performers was created to ease the challenges of managing Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in terms of clients, employees, and finances.

The brains behind Solid Performers have a wealth of experience working with clients in a variety of industries, and he discovered that most startups, small and medium-sized businesses are falling behind in maintaining their own customers, new leads, follow-ups with them, invoice tracking, finances, and a slew of other minor details that are negatively impacting their bottom line. In the long run, they are losing a large number of potential and present clients. As a result, Solid Performers developed a strategy to assist them in overcoming all of their business's growing challenges.