What is Spherexx ILoveLeasing?

Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for property management and real estate businesses that lets you handle all your work from a centralized command center freeing up precious time to build customer relationships and improve sales. The prime features and some of the leading innovations on the software platform include duplicate lead merging, drip campaigns, formal time-stamped quoting, dynamic number insert, point of sale tablet app, and segmentation of virtual touring by type. 

In this Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ overview, we should mention that the software has streamlined all aspects of apartment marketing and leasing to ensure every digital lead is acknowledged, prioritized, followed up, and reported. In addition, 3.5 million leads and 4.7 million phone calls were investigated over two years and confirmed that:

  • Optimal lead conversion requires personally responding to a potential client within one hour.
  • Triple contact to lead conversion by 308% by following up a potential client with six-plus points of contact.
  • Double lead to lease conversion by 226% by following up a potential client with six-plus points of contact.

In addition to the research that we have already mentioned in the Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ overview, the program can help you easily achieve these best practices with lead prioritization, follow-up automation, and pre-populated email, text, and phone templates.

Spherexx I Love Leasing CRM+ identifies both primary and secondary lease sources, and also can track multiple lead sources, and depending on your property management software settings, its programming allows you to combine sources and attribute them to one network (CoStar, RentPath, etc.). Moreover, its DNI (Dynamic Number Insert) tracks both primary and secondary sources.

Another benefit in this Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ overview is the integration of advertising with popular online listing services and other advertising sources so that you can direct all your valuable leads and contact information to a centralized dashboard that expedites follow-up, budget analysis, and feasibility assessment. Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ can also include sources that are not currently available.

The software provides you with weekly group training sessions and webinars with experienced coaches to help you create a personalized action plan to optimize your strengths, identify areas that need work, and celebrate growth. It also provides private "go live" training for all your team members and offers monthly corporate-level meetings for the district or regional managers and corporate executives. You can visit the support center anytime for helpful, self-paced learning videos. The software`s knowledge base is available 24/7 to provide answers to frequently asked questions and guide you through the most common problems. 

The Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ mobile app keeps you connected and helps you stay updated on the status of every opportunity by making it easy to enter new guest cards, nurture leads and answer questions in real-time. Even if you don't like working with small keyboards, you can speed up the data entry process even more with the voice control built into your phone.

Finally, in our Spherexx ILoveLeasing CRM+ overview, we can conclude that the software is the most powerful and affordable sales tool on the market when coupled with robust companion software, integrated with your favorite accounting software, and connected to your advertising channels.

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