What is Spiro?

Spiro is a platform for proactive relationship management. Spiro, which is based on artificial intelligence, offers a unified solution that includes standard CRM, sales enablement, and telephony. It is best suited for sales teams in businesses with 100-1,500 employees. Spiro`s AI function analyzes sales data and makes recommendations to sales representatives.

It functions as a personal assistant to the sales team, reminding them to update contacts, modify pipeline status, fix pipeline errors, report on sales progress, and more. The automatic sales reminders assist sales representatives in staying awake for impending community consultation. Key benefits of using SpiroFor best effectiveness, artificial intelligence guides your sales teams through the sales process.

Spiro operates as an assistant, creating contacts, reminders, and informing users about the development of their team. Spiro detects inconsistencies in the process and generates correct reports. Integrates with almost any company system on the market today, including email, marketing automation, and ERP. Pipelines are kept organized through email, calendar, and pipeline synchronization.