What is SplendidCRM?

SplendidCRM is the ideal model to adopt into the daily routine of any small or medium-sized organization searching for software that can be used throughout their Microsoft stacks. It was created as a replacement for SugarCRM with the goal of managing and handling anything Microsoft-related. The way we use the latest technology evolves as the world does. Almost anything and everything may be programmed using a computer or a device; all you need is the correct software installed on your devices, and you're done! From your phone or tablet, you can sync a variety of files to your PC. Technology has progressed in inconceivable ways! It has made life a whole lot easier and more functional.

When it comes to its sales, marketing, and support modules, you can anticipate a filled CRM system that incorporates the key components of Microsoft technology. Microsoft Outlook and Word Add-in, rules and workflow engines, exchange server synchronization, and report design language are only a few of the key technologies included in the product. There are two editions of the software: one for open source and one for pros. Community, professional, and enterprise software editions are available. Each version is offered separately on the SplendidCRM website, with costs changing.

The program is considered to be less expensive than other CRM systems such as SugarCRM. SplendidCRM software not only interfaces with Microsoft Exchange, but also with Google Apps and Paypal. The software firm is now working on integrating mobile apps for iOS and Android. Customers and clients, according to Rony, have not yet expressed a need for CRM capability. Despite this, this solution supports Facebook Connect. Users can log in to the social application via the CRM system.