What is SPOTIO?

SPOTIO is a field service management and sales engagement software for companies in a variety of industries, including solar, medical, telecommunications, distribution, food and beverage, home improvement, real estate, marketing, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. It provides a unified platform for businesses to manage operations such as route optimization, customer communications, lead visit monitoring, and more.

SPOTIO enables field workers to gather and preserve visit details, client calls, SMS messages, and email exchanges automatically. Supervisors can use the autoplay feature to construct daily work sequences and arrange leads and individual client actions. Team members can generate leads, schedule appointments, screen prospects, and track lead status using the sales prospecting tool. It also has a sales territory mapping tool that allows administrators to set up role-based authorization rights, optimize sales routes, and manage prospects by region.

Field reps can use Spotio to capture data on their mobile phones. To avoid double entering, every new lead is automatically time-stamped, and all updates are synced and shared in real-time with the backend database, as well as the field reps' current location.

SPOTIO has an API that allows businesses to link the platform with a variety of third-party CRM and ERP systems, including Oracle NetSuite, Pipedrive, SAP ERP, and Salesforce. It also allows employees to keep track of sales activities, generate reports, develop mailer campaigns, and print pipeline reviews.

Sales dashboards, territory allocation and assignment, leaderboards, and connectivity features with third-party programs such as Salesforce MailChimp, Google Calendar, and others are also available. Spotio is offered on a monthly subscription basis for each user. Phone, email, an online forum, and live chat are all options for getting help.