What is Springly?

You can grow your organization at incredible speeds with powerful membership management software. All it takes is one tool to automatically create membership campaigns, collect online payments, follow-up via email, and enter information into your CRM. Springly's simple membership software allows you to expand your current revenue stream while also introducing new funding. Create events, launch an online store, or inform new prospects about your most recent membership or fundraising campaigns. Improve your communication with your members and increase their engagement. Create a membership intranet, dedicated members-only website pages, a membership directory, and more. Springly's software provides you with all of the tools you need to increase engagement and retention for years to come. Campaign management and online registration make membership simple.

Simplify your CRM management

Say goodbye to copying and pasting from one tool to another or between spreadsheets. Springly's CRM nonprofit software keeps all of your records in one place, updates automatically, and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Never again will you misplace information.

Make groups for additional organization.

Use the dynamic group feature to automatically group contacts based on the criteria you specify. Form groups based on age, area of interest, or volunteer availability. Because the groups are updated in a systematic manner, manual follow-up is never necessary. Save time, energy, and money!

Multi-level CRM for parent organizations

Are you a parent organization in charge of multiple local chapters? Our nonprofit membership software is designed to consolidate data at multiple levels for greater visibility and control. Give your local chapters independence while streamlining data management.

CRM for structures

Are you an organization that manages both structures and people (nonprofits, corporations, and associations)? No worries. Your nonprofit software is completely customizable, with an unlimited number of fields for structures or contacts.

Solutions and Partners

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