What is Streak CRM?

Streak CRM is built right into your Gmail. Businesses avoid the usual learning curve involved with new software. If you can use Gmail--you can use Streak. The simplicity makes it a great option for small teams that don`t want an expensive, bloated system. The CRM has features for sales, service, and project management. It`s also a popular platform for real estate professionals. Larger companies may be turned off by the mail merge limitations - you get 400 emails/day regardless of your plan. Their free plan is robust, albeit with limited storage.

Paid subscriptions begin at US$ 15/month, making Streak one of the most affordable CRMs on the market. Customization and Ease of Use The Streak platform operates entirely out of Gmail and looks like a sophisticated spreadsheet. When you open an email both your pipeline and workflows are visible. This saves users a lot of time, as you don`t have to switch between windows and logins. Streak CRM is built around servicing sales, customer service, and project management teams. However, it can be fully customized to your unique business case. The pipelines are fully customizable, letting you create your own stages and fields. Project management and workflows can also be tailored to your business processes, through colors, custom fields, and stages.

Contact Management Streak is a lean CRM system but you still get a comprehensive contact management suite. Contact records include contact details, naturally, plus notes, interaction history, documents, associated tasks, pipelines, and more. When you open an email, every client detail is at hand so you have the context you need. There`s also a native dialer so you can make calls right out of Gmail. Email: Streak is built right into your Gmail account. As such, it comes with a mountain of features for managing your inbox. There`s a team email feature if you subscribe to the Pro plan or higher. It automatically shares client records and contact history with the team so you can pick up where they left off.

Ever wasted time searching an endless email chain? Streak comes with a thread-spitting feature that separates email threads as you switch between topics. There are also several time-saving features, such as personalized mail merges and snippets. Snippets are templates you can create from your most frequent and successful emails. You can schedule emails to send at a specific time. Sales Features Salespeople have notoriously poor adoption rates when it comes to using new software. This puts Streak at a significant advantage, as using the CRM is as easy as opening your email.

The system automatically captures data, creating contacts straight from your inbox. It can further enrich the customer record with information like deal stages, related tasks, and appointments. Every detail about your clients and prospects can be seen in the sidebar in Gmail. Streak CRM even tracks which emails are read. You get a turbo-charged inbox without a lot of manual entry. Streak also offers multiple customizable pipelines. Filters let your sort and view according to your priorities, such as deal value, the likelihood of closing, and more. Sales teams can collaborate using the group email feature. Data collected by other departments also syncs to the client record. For instance, you can see they have contacted customer service and read the full conversation-vital info before you attempt an upsell. Project Management Having inbuilt project management is a boon to efficiency.

It also sidesteps a common problem in project management software--email integration. With Streak, you can manage projects from within Gmail. It also integrates with the full suite of Google Workspace tools, so you can effortlessly integrate your calendar, chat, docs, sheets, forms, and sites. Streak allows you to share communications and tasks to collaborate across teams and departments. It also tracks all the moving pieces, such as customer orders, new hires, tasks, deadlines, and pipelines. Reports Users are divided on Streak`s reporting features.

You can create simple, impactful sales and pipeline reports using their built-in templates, such as: -Total value in the pipeline -Value in the pipeline over time -Value by sales rep -Close rates -Total interactions You can customize the reports through drag and drop tools, and combine reports into one. However, if you need a more granular view of your sales data, Streak may fall short of expectations.

Streak CRM for Real Estate While the CRM can be customized for many verticals, it`s especially well-suited to real estate professionals. You can conduct all your real estate transactions out of your email. And if using the mobile version, you can manage your business out of your pocket. You won`t have to cut and paste notes and numbers once you`re back in the office. Streak makes it possible to update the record in real-time. It`s an enormous help in an industry that juggles multiple clients, deals, and pipelines. You can also easily calculate commissions for each property or for all potential commissions.

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