What is Sumac CRM?

With a nonprofit CRM that is customized for your nonprofit's specific programs and data without the need for specialists or custom development, you can better carry out your purpose. Sumac CRM, which gives you the ability to manage contacts, communications, reporting, and email marketing, is the brains behind all Sumac solutions.

Human services, arts & culture, healthcare, education, ecology & animal services, as well as NGOs with incredibly distinct purposes, are served by this program on a large, medium, and small scale.

Contact management is made simple using Sumac CRM:

  • Keep track of all your contacts and quickly view a detailed history of their interactions with your business.
  • To keep track of the precise data you require, use built-in reports, make your own custom reports, or build ad hoc reports.
  • Engage your contacts through email marketing, set up personalized follow-up alerts, and receive updates of fresh action.

Sumac CRM can interact with your current software programs to provide a smooth end-to-end solution and do away with the need for duplicate data entry:

  • processing of payments, such as iATS
  • accounting program, such as QuickBooks
  • marketing via email, such as MailChimp
  • office integration, such as Google

Sumac CRM was created for the special goals and initiatives of your Nonprofit. Get a single solution that combines contact management, online contribution pages, email marketing, dashboards, and accounting integration. Additionally, you can select the Add-ons you require to manage your specific programs and data, such as:

  • Case Management 
  • Participation
  • Volunteering
  • Course Registration
  • Grant Management
  • Proposals
  • Prospecting
  • Custom

Key advantages of using Sumac: Prices start at $35/month, and you can add on as many extras as you like. There are also robust setup and customization possibilities. You can access your CRM from anywhere and have it operate directly with your database thanks to the accounting Quickbooks online integration.

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