What is SyndicationPro?

SyndicationPro is a comprehensive real estate syndication software that helps engage and manage real estate investors and raise capital faster in less time. You can manage billions of dollars worth of assets through a unified investment management platform. With SyndicationPro, you can nurture leads, automate fundraising, and centralize investor relations with powerful and easy-to-use Investor CRM, an investor portal, and investment management software. 

First, in this SyndicationPro overview, we will consider SEC-compliant CRM for real estate syndication. You can view every email sent to your investors, their bookings, investments, your private notes, and more. In addition, real estate CRM software provides two-way synchronization that records all emails that happens between you and your investors within the platform. All these emails can be grouped and sent with segmented contacts. Complete relationship history gives you visibility into how your investors interact with your online platform so you can clearly understand how interested they are in your investment. The plus is that you can build a relationship with potential customers by enabling a quick introduction conversation after they sign up. You can add follow-up tasks and reminders for you and your team members to improve your task management and sync all the follow-ups and reminders to your calendar as well.

The most important feature in our SyndicationPro overview is built-in tools to help you stay SEC compliant. When an individual registers as a prospect, you can refer them directly to the investment opportunity (recommended if a general solicitation is permitted, such as RegD 506(c)), or they can schedule an introduction phone call with your team (recommended when the general solicitation is not permitted, e.g. RegD 506(b)). A significant advantage is that sponsors will be able to distribute their investor earnings directly from the platform using ACH transfers and checks, and will be able to completely eliminate the need to manage distribution payments offline, making the investment management process much more organized and accurate.

In addition to the powerful CRM system that we considered in the SyndicationPro overview, the software also showcases your upcoming deals as a strategy to secure soft commitments, identifying the best path forward to secure the investments required for your projects. It also provides a 4-step investment process where investors view documents, choose an investment amount and profile to invest from, eSign the subscription agreement, and view funding instructions - all from within their real estate investor portal. Investors can verify their accreditation status and also upload their own accreditation letter if they’re already accredited, provided the accreditation letter is not older than 90 days. 

In this SyndicationPro overview, we should also consider the real estate investor portal that allows investors to view digital PPM and deal documents, invest via multiple profiles, use eSign to invest, and more. It helps you manage every component of the syndication process, from daily communication chains to ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. Through the real estate investor portal dashboard, you can choose to invite co-investors, accountants, and lawyers to advise on specific deals. 

Finally, in this SyndicationPro overview, it`s important to mention Zapier integration. You can connect to over 2000+ external applications like Google Sheets, Trello, and other apps that may be part of your operational workflow.