What is Talisma CRM?

Talisma is a large, enterprise-level CRM solution known as the “Salesforce of higher education.” The software can be tailor-made for your business and offers unique, customized versions for many verticals, from manufacturing to hospitality and beyond. Talisma includes both onsite and cloud-based solutions. It operates like most CRMs with contact management, sales management, and marketing features.

The difference is in its advanced capabilities, which include AI and detailed reporting. Ease of Use Talisma is a fully customized solution, so the end product is built around your needs. This translates into easier navigation, as you don`t have to weed through a lot of options you don`t need.

However, Talisma is an enterprise-level CRM and the wide breadth of features may take time to learn. Training is necessary to implement Talisma. You can choose from cloud-based or onsite deployment. The onsite option still gives access to new releases and upgrades of Talisma software. However, this requires ongoing maintenance. The cloud-based system`s updates are virtually instantaneous. Users also report lags with the onsite software suite. Customer Engagement Talisma is a sophisticated product that takes customer experience to the next level.

The chat and co-browse features let you communicate with clients in real-time, and see what they see on your website. You can seamlessly transfer across platforms, moving from webchat to social media to email. Client history can be accessed with a click, helping you keep conversation helpful and relevant. Co-browsing allows sales reps to step in to offer demos, answer questions, assist customer transactions, and prevent cart abandonment. You have one-click access to your company knowledgebase, response templates, Web links, and documents. Talisma also offers a feature called Proactive and Reactive Chat. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze web-behavior and engage prospects according to a set of triggers and templates.

This lets employees reduce the time spent on top-of-funnel activities. A Chatbot can answer basic questions and deliver the customer to a human representative as needed. Chatbots can also assist customers after hours and on weekends. Telephone and SMS Integration Once a number is saved to the client record, Talisma will automatically populate your screen with the client profile anytime they call/you call. You can also configure Talisma`s rules to send callers automatically to the representative or contact they deal with most. Talisma lets you reach next-gen customers through several SMS channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Telegram and Skype for Business.

Intelligent Lead Management Talisma integrates many lead sources, such as SMS, social media, chat, email, and more. Customers are engaged on their preferred channels. All your interaction history is then synced to the client record. The CRM then scores leads automatically ensuring your pipeline is filled with quality prospects. You can build and customize an unlimited number of pipelines, and views prospects in real-time as they progress through the funnel. Talisma also analyzes lead sources, engagement, win-probability, and conversion rates.

Talisma Social Media Toolkit Talisma can manage your interactions on social media and automatically sync customer info to the CRM record. There are social listening tools, which can be used to discover trends and conversation points. Marketers can then leverage this data in their marketing campaigns. The social profiling tool can also find new leads and populate a new record for sales to follow up with.

Enterprise Level Service Taslima is equipped to serve large companies, with multiple departments and offices. It is a truly global solution, offering instant translations of over 100 languages. Talisma is frequently used for higher education but adapts well to several verticals, including banking, insurance, retail, financial services, IT, manufacturing, and hospitality.

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