What is TeamWave?

TeamWave is a very capable platform that combines CRM with project management and HR software. You can manage clients, staff, deliverables, and sales all from a single login. The CRM is both web-based and mobile-based, letting you and staff work on the go. It also integrates with many popular applications, such as Quickbooks and Google Workspace. Ease of Use You can use TeamWave without training or any prior experience with CRM. The UI flows effortlessly and has a simple layout that`s reminiscent of Google`s design principles.

Sales Management Sales pipelines use color-coded to create visibility across all your deals and sales reps. You can sort deals by sales stage, date, deal value, and any other data you prioritize. It`s easy to get a bird`s eye view of your entire sales cycle, as well as calculate sales forecasts. Smart filters and sales analytics help you make smart decisions and stay on top of complex sales processes. Deals can also be viewed as a list, with bulk editing features and customizable filters. The CRM`s functionality is built around activity-based selling. Dashboards and easy reporting let you keep your finger on the real-time pulse of your business. You can correct course to keep sales on track. Plus, you can build a repeatable sales process through sales workflows and task management.

Project Management Client collaboration has become an increasingly sought after feature. TeamWave lets you give clients limited access to your dashboards. They can oversee a project`s progress, view running costs, and make suggestions about the end product. Files can be attached to the project tiles, and you can also contact clients directly form the project record. For staff, a Kanban style dashboard keeps projects visual, transparent, and eye-catching. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can break down projects into repeatable steps. Staff get a blueprint for project management.

You can even automate task assignments and reminders. Human Resources TeamWave comes with a vast range of assets for Human Resource departments, especially those managing remote teams.

Team Calendar: Create a shared calendar for users to collaborate around. It improves communication and efficiency and helps managers balance out the workload.

Automated check-ins: The TeamWave Check-Ins feature is especially helpful for remote workers. You can automate a regular series of check-in questions--daily, weekly, yearly, or anytime.

Custom roles: An intern and a VP have vastly different roles and, therefore, permissions. TeamWave allows you to lock certain parts of the software, disable records, and create an environment of utmost data security for both staff and clients.

Notice boards: This is akin to a Facebook feed, with posts like events, announcements, stories, inspirational quotes, and whatever you want to share.