What is Teamwork CRM?

Teamwork CRM is a cloud-based system that creates a unified portal for sales, marketing, and business operations. You can use it to create and automate workflows, turn over projects quicker, and manage clients from start to finish. The system is simple, yet powerful enough to manage dozens of projects at once. As the name suggests, this CRM is enhanced with collaboration tools for both teams and clients.

Ease of Use Teamwork CRM adapts to your business model, providing custom views, custom data sorting, custom pipelines and fields. You can also turn company data into eye-catching graphics, from sales stats to your task completion rates. Kanban, Agile, and Waterfall workflows are all available. Plus, it`s easy to navigate the platform. You can remove the apps you don`t need, and activate the ones you do. That way you don`t get bogged down with alerts, options, and processes not relevant to your day-to-day workflow. You can work with as much (or as little) complexity as you need.

The company also issues frequent updates and improvements, addressing user complaints. If you`re looking for an easy and adaptable CRM with a responsive customer support team, Teamwork CRM is a good option. As for potential hiccups, Teamwork CRM encourages users to integrate with its own product line. As such, it doesn`t offer a lot of native integrations for other products, and many big names are missing from their lineup. However, it does connect with Zapier and other third-party integration platforms.

Project Management Tools You can track complex projects and be accountable for every billable minute with Teamork`s project management suite. If you`re coming from an excel background, you`ll be amazed at how visual and intuitive your projects become with the Teamwork system. Board views let you see where you stand at a glance. The time tracking feature ensures you bill for every minute of productivity. From a single dashboard, you can see exactly how your team`s time is being spent, and ensure projects are running to schedule.

And Teamwork is scalable--it doesn`t matter how many projects you`re juggling, the software can keep all the moving pieces organized, visual, and accountable. Teamwork even offers unlimited client seats for their software. You can let clients see how things are running in real-time and encourage collaboration. Marketing Tools Teamwork is good for marketing teams and agencies. You can create templates of your tried and true marketing processes and automate the repeatable steps, such as email follow-ups and content strategies.

Teamwork CRM also measures your time to completion for tasks and projects. It allows you to create realistic deadlines and expectations for clients, campaigns, and results. You can view projects and campaigns through Board Views, which put the whole teams` tasks into context. Clients can collaborate via controlled access to the Teamwork platform.