What is TLD CRM?

TLD CRM, or Total Lead Domination, is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and VoIP system for insurance sales. With detailed auditing features, TLD takes your contacts from lead to sale and even renewals with a robust workflow that allows you to know exactly who did what and when. Schedule in-home or in-office visits with agents. TLD's Calendar makes it simple to manage callbacks and appointments.

The CRM's purpose is to help an agency achieve the following objectives: Sales, Communications, Retention, Commissions, and Customer Service. It offers the most powerful lead consumption, management, and distribution tools available.

The most effective tool for medical and life insurance sales is Total Lead Domination (TLD) CRM. TLD is a service that puts call centers far ahead of their competitors, with industry-specific, fully customizable options. Because of the built-in VoIP softphones, this product is not only effective but also inexpensive.

Create Events, invite clients, track who shows up, and more. TLDCRM is managed by Esotech's creative and technical teams. Over the past eight years, the lead developer and original system designer has worked on the data side of the Health and Life Insurance Sales industry, as well as digital marketing and systems consulting. TLD has worked with hundreds of call centers over the years to streamline the system to fit their needs.