What is todo.vu?

todo.vu is a cloud-based productivity suite that provides a single platform for freelancers and small teams to manage tasks, records, and client communication. Todo.vu aims to provide a user-friendly project and client management solution by incorporating time tracking and billing, personalized workspaces, email integration, and collaboration tools.

To effectively manage projects, todo.vu provides users with an intuitive user interface that allows them to see who is doing what, when, and for whom. Users can efficiently organize individual, team, and client work using task management, time tracking, and reporting technology from the todo.vu control panel. To increase user productivity, todo.vu allows users to easily assign tasks, attach files, and create checklists.

Custom labels, task bookmarking, and file drag and drop are some of the other todo.vu features aimed at increasing user efficiency. While todo.vu's custom labels allow users to intelligently sort tasks, task bookmarking allows users to easily mark follow-up items. Furthermore, todo.vu allows users to snooze tasks, flag tasks, and directly follow tasks to help them prioritize work.

Aside from task management, todo.vu allows users to praise the work of other team members, provide valuable comments, and receive useful feedback. Todo.vu also provides users with access controls, real-time updates, and email integration functionality. Users and clients can email tasks directly into todo.vu using email integration. Todo.vu improves client communication by automatically centralizing and categorizing email tasks with preset routing.