What is Top Producer CRM?

Top Producer CRM is a powerful web application created especially for agents and brokerage companies in the real estate industry. Top Producer is mobile compatible and integrates with hundreds of lead providers and software like Gmail, Outlook, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Zapier and MailChimp. The system is aimed at small and medium businesses.

Key features of Top Producer CRM:

  • Transaction management. This tool gives you an accurate idea of where the contract is in the sales funnel. It also helps manage and organize every step of the collaboration and maximize your chances of conversion.
  • Dynamic workflows & tasks. All tasks are convenient to place. Create and customize blocks that make it easy to manage, move, and delete tasks. Also, the blocks can show everything - who is the performer, at what stage is the task and deadlines.
  • Social insights. The Social Insights feature in Top Producer CRM scours the internet and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to provide you with contact details like photos, locations, jobs, interests and more. Monitoring social networks will allow you to focus on the most promising potential customers and not waste time. Using a variety of analytics tools, you can quickly identify problem areas and take steps to address them - focus on a different audience, adjust advertising, focus on more profitable channels and areas, and more.
  • MLS Property Insights. It is a database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale. With live MLS listings housed in this CRM, you'll save big on time while offering data-backed follow up clients love.
  • Teams & brokers. This is a good way to increase business efficiency and optimize team work. The system is aimed at optimizing work within the company's team. Its functionality resembles a corporate social network. Employees can send each other messages via chat. Employees respond more quickly to various tasks and customer questions. With this CRM, you can create the same workgroups, share files, make phone calls, and even video chat. It is very convenient.
  • Email marketing. Thanks to robots, you automate processes to the maximum - letters, SMS and messages can be sent automatically, as well as tasks for managers.
  • Lead management & routing. Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence function, you can rank potential customers and determine those who are most likely to make a purchase. When a person fills out a web form on your site, they automatically become a potential customer and are added to your database. Complete contact history allows you to track calls, emails, chats, etc., and also allows you to set a schedule in real time.

Thus, Top Producer CRM is a user-friendly system with a simple and intuitive interface. Its functionality allows you to build interaction with the client at almost all stages.

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