What is Tracker?

With our integrated Recruiting ATS and CRM, Tracker's objective is to assist recruitment and staffing organizations to develop better relationships, processes, and income.

Work Quickly, Not Hardly

With Tracker, you can manage the whole recruiting workflow, from applicant sourcing to submission to placement and beyond. Allow your team to move rapidly through each phase of the recruitment process by eliminating time-consuming manual data entry.

Organize all Your Relationships

All of your candidates, customer contacts and leads, job and placement records, and everything else can be managed on one platform. Everything is linked and integrated seamlessly, making everyone's job easier.

Empower with Analytics

Tracker's strength is in its integration and robustness, which allows you to keep all of your business data in one place. You can use every field of data in Tracker to create Custom Reports using tables, charts, and trend reporting. In one comprehensive system, you can easily view what's going on in your recruitment and sales funnels.

Get Help to Succeed

Our Client Support Team is available to help you anytime and wherever you need it. Our support team takes pride in their ability to understand your needs, assist with inquiries and best practices, and assist when things go wrong.

About Tracker

We, like many businesses, were seeking the most effective and profitable software to run our own recruitment firm. Because we couldn't discover it, we created Tracker. We've built Tracker into top cloud-based recruitment, applicant tracking, and CRM software supplier for the recruitment industry over the last 12 years. Our 'Partnerships First' attitude keeps us focused on creating a platform that assists recruiting firms in growing their businesses through stronger relationships.

In conclusion

Our mission is to assist recruiting and staffing firms in growing their businesses by utilizing Tracker to improve relationships and manage their operations more efficiently, with the ultimate result being the capacity to improve relationships while also increasing growth and profitability.

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