What is Treasure Data?

Treasure Data provides a best-of-breed enterprise customer data platform (CDP) that enables the entire organization to shape customer-centricity in the digital age. We accomplish this by unifying teams and systems to power purposeful engagements that drive value and protect privacy for every customer, every time. Treasure Data is trusted by leading companies worldwide, including Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations.

Benefits of Treasure Data

  • Create Buyer Groups to Engage with Customized Content: Define and segment primary customer characteristics to create Buyer Groups. Personalization assists in the development of customer relationships and loyalty.
  • To create a seamless and consistent customer experience, respond to customer inquiries, develop custom offers for frequent shoppers, and promote product features to specific customer segments.
  • Use Predictive Intelligence: Use predictive capabilities to understand customer engagement, make accurate predictions about who will convert or churn, and deliver effective messages, promotions, and campaigns.
  • Unify Consumer Records: Unify consumer records in a centralized database, eliminating duplicate records, to maximize marketing spend. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities are aided by the unification of consumer records.
  • Consolidate Data: In the gaming industry, consolidate vast amounts of data to gain useful insights,  improve player retention, and monetize.
  • Create Personalized Campaigns: Learn about consumer purchasing habits in order to create personalized marketing campaigns. Behavior-based targeting increases customer engagement, CTR, and sales.

Solutions and Partners

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