What is Tryton?

Tryton is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for small, medium, and big companies. It's an open-source platform for corporate resource planning made up of a variety of scalable modules that allow you to better adapt your firm to match your specific demands. We can better handle accounting, sales, purchasing, inventories, customer relations (CRM), reports, and production in general with these modules. You may improve business operations and expand your company this way.

Tryton Features

Tryton has all of the functionality you'd expect from a commercial CRM system. It keeps track of client and vendor contact information so you don't lose touch with anyone with whom you do business.

Accounting features: The app's financial dashboard includes a complex collection of accounting tools, so you'll know right away if your spending practices are on the edge of going over budget. The software will keep track of your spending and estimate your borrowing expenses for you.

Tryton's reporting requires only a single click to generate detailed reports. You won't have to waste time entering data by hand because the analytics module aggregates data from all other modules.

Purchasing dashboard: The purchasing dialog box allows users to place orders in seconds. Tryton retains critical information from every transaction you make so that your employees may easily place repeat orders.

Sales management: The sales management dashboard gives your team all the information they need to run your retail operations. Tryton can also be configured to function with wholesale or B2B sales operations.

Manufacturing: Technical employees can keep plans and recipes in the document repository of the manufacturing module. Tryton will keep an eye on every aspect of the shop's operations and provide recommendations on how to improve particular processes.

Inventory tracking: Tryton can help you avoid running out of raw materials by regularly checking your stock levels. It can also keep your company from overproducing a certain product.

Users can expand the software over time because of its inherent modularity. To further enhance its capability, you can download new modules from the developer's website.

Project management: Tryton has a complete project management solution that can track an unlimited number of projects at the same time.

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