What is UGRU?

UGRU Financial was founded in 2011 by a financial advisor who was dissatisfied with the limitations of CRM software. His goal was to build a platform that included everything a new financial advisory team could need to manage and grow client relationships at a price that most people could afford. He outperformed his expectations, making UGRU our choice for the best value for small, growing businesses.

UGRU is a full-featured CRM that includes all of the benefits that advisors have come to expect from a quality solution. Its entry-level package, which costs $59 per month for up to three users, covers all the bases, including contact, lead, and opportunity management for an unlimited number of contacts.

It also has calendaring for multiple users and strong workflow-building capabilities, including more than 40 pre-designed workflows that advisors rely on the most. While that price may seem high for a single user, when three users are involved, the per-user cost drops to less than $20.

The Performance plan costs $139 per month for three users and includes email functionality that allows you to send and receive emails from the CRM, including bulk and mass emails. Client document storage and a client portal are also available. There are standard but generous free storage and email processing allowances. When the standard allowances are exceeded, additional fees apply. The $139 monthly fee breaks down to just under $47 per user for three users, which is still a great deal.

The Professional plan starts to get a little pricey at $179 (less than $60 per month for three users), but UGRU added some key features to maintain its value approach. In addition to the features of the Performance plan, the Professional plan includes full marketing and workflow automation functionality. Given that a standalone marketing automation program can cost up to $60 per month, having this included with a CRM is an excellent value. Using these features to boost revenue and efficiency can generate more than enough ROI to cover the extra cost.