What is Veeva CRM?

Veeva is a multi-channel cloud CRM designed for life sciences firms such as pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, and healthcare providers. However, the program can be used by huge businesses outside of the industry. An integrated ecosystem is included in the CRM to assist you in implementing consistent CRM activities. From account information to social media influencers, and from customer engagements to sales reports, disparate data is handled with better precision and timeliness to provide insights. The goal is to assist you in developing a more comprehensive CRM campaign.

Its central platform orientation enables you to track key results across channels, even while all relevant data leads to the same goal: better customer experience and user experience. Furthermore, when your firm expands or decreases, you can add or remove features, providing you additional cash flow flexibility. Even if you add or remove other modules, each module can maintain the integrity of its own important outcomes.

For example, you can establish new or more sales campaigns while keeping the same helpdesk functionality to track campaign variance. You can then add more helpdesk functions if necessary to keep up with the increasing sales volume created by new campaigns. You can even upgrade the system three times a year at no extra charge.

Veeva CRM is compatible with a wide range of business and productivity applications. It also includes a mobile browser version that looks and feels like a native app. The goal of this guide, like previous Veeva CRM evaluations, is to assist you to determine if the software meets your needs.

Key benefits of using Veeva CRM

Veeva CRM's full-featured reporting and dashboards combine customer interaction data and third-party data, giving commercial teams the actionable insights they need to make informed decisions.

Veeva CRM's mobile applications, which are available for iPad and Windows 8, allow field reps to access the system at any time and from any location.

Teams may cooperate to plan, execute, and assess progress from their specialized responsibilities, such as primary care, specialty care, field medical, managed markets, and key account managers, using Veeva CRM's account-based selling paradigm.

Users can establish event types, acquire approvals, collect signatures, manage budgets and attendee invitations, communicate with vendors, and more thanks to Veeva CRM Events Management's seamless integration.

Veeva CRM allows you to see the history of multichannel interactions. All communication channels are linked, allowing teams to see consumer activity, behavior, and preferences in real-time as well as in the past.

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