What is Velocify?

Velocify is a cloud CRM application that combines telecommunication, email marketing, sales management, customer/staff management, and calendar scheduling into one platform. You can navigate to live reports of sales activity and staff success rates both now and in the past from the user dashboard. Velocify will automatically construct your preferred reporting and analysis criteria, so you may view bespoke reports.

The application's built-in sales algorithm automatically assigns certain leads to certain members of staff and notifies them via email or SMS. The priority of the client and the seniority of the member of staff are used to determine these leads. The program also detects client phone numbers and records and monitors calls for training purposes

All users can monitor and schedule sales meetings, training days, appointments, and contractual anniversaries using the software's scheduling and calendar tool. Managers can also utilize this application to evaluate employee performance and tracking, as well as review client birthdays and other sales events.

Velocify's mobile app, which is available for free download, is completely integrated. Users can login with their credentials and view the entire backend of the software and database in full transparency once it has been downloaded. Users can also add leads, update leads, close leads, book meetings, edit events and contact clients/leads by SMS, email or telephone.