What is VipeCloud?

VipeCloud`s mission is to put a personal touch back in sales and marketing, and the support team seems genuinely invested in seeing its customers scale. Customer service, support, and training all come with no additional cost. The platform offers a sales CRM, marketing suite, and a vast array of automation tools. The software is aimed at small to midsize businesses and can be customized to many different industries. Unfortunately, the pricing plans are complex and the affordability will vary on the number of contacts and features you require.

However, the sales team can help formulate a strategic, cost-effective plan for your business. Ease of Use and Customization VipeCloud is intuitive to use, and as mentioned, you receive free training for Pro plans and above. Granted, many businesses don`t need much assistance as the system is refreshingly simple. The UI is a little outdated and uninspired-however, it couldn`t be easier to use. Integration with your email allows many sales reps to work right out of their inbox. And even new users can add new contacts, schedule tasks, and create opportunities with ease. The CRM never gets in your way.

It can be tailored to work the way you work, including customizable pipelines, workflows, fields, and more. The only hitch is you pay more as you add flexibility. Sales CRM Many CRMs specialize in either marketing or sales, then tack on a few extra features and label themselves “comprehensive.” VipeCloud is the exception. It provides a strong platform for both sales and marketing.

Some of the sales features include: Telephony: The CRM has native telephony with click-to-dial convenience. As you work through your sales calls a completed task is automatically created for you--simply add your notes and details. Task management: Sales automation will automatically create follow-up tasks for you. Any repetitive steps in your sales process can be programmed into VipeCloud and added to your task list and calendar--no manual entry required. Managers can assign tasks to their staff and assign a task type. This is a way of keeping your sales activity organized and lets you quickly break down team performance into reports. The system will also issue automatic reminders and alerts. You get total transparency without having to micromanage the team.

Pipeline management: You can customize your pipeline according to your sales process. However, multiple pipelines are reserved for Enterprise subscribers and higher.

Less data entry: Through the activity capture feature, VipeCloud creates and updates contact records, opportunities, tasks, and calendars. Sales teams can spend more time accomplishing tasks vs. creating them in the CRM. Marketing Suite Improve email delierabilty rates: VipeCloud offers a unique bulk email feature. It works through your mass email lists one email at a time, sending a single email per minute. Users rave about improved deliverability rates. If your marketing plan is email-heavy, this feature alone could be a gamechanger.

Email marketing: VipeCloud offers over 250 customizable templates to create colorful, impactful emails. Automated drip campaigns can be customized to different audiences, and you can even send a video campaign. You can use the HTML builder to drag and drop your way to a totally unique email template. Bulk emails can be sent even from the mobile app.

Email verification: Like most CRMs, VipeCloud sets limits on email sends per day. Fortunately, it also offers an email verification system. You can catch emails before the bounce, ensuring you don`t waste any email sends. It also helps your email sender reputation, which is a score designed to catch out spammers. Sending only to verified addresses keeps your score in the black, so to speak. Track prospect activity: You can view email opens, link clicks, website engagement, video plays, attachment downloads to make informed decisions about your most effective marketing channels and content. Multichannel communication: The CRM includes every communication channel for your sales and marketing teams, including SMS. You can port a local number so you don`t get labeled as SPAM. Then create text drips, mass texts, or one on one chats. Naturally, the CRM also supports email, telephony, and social media channels. Social media: One of VipeClouds unique features is VipeCloud Stories. Stories lets you create and send multi-slide advertisements to email, texts, and social media platforms. You can make up to twelve slides per story. You can also create a social sharing calendar for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The CRM will calculate the best times to post and share with your audience. You can manage up to 10 social media accounts. Sign-up forms: You can create your own forms or use the templates for customer surveys, sign-up forms, and RSVPs. Forms are dynamic, meaning any info a prospect enters gets automatically recorded in the CRM.

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