What is VolunteerHub?

VolunteerHub is a volunteer management software that is used by nonprofit and charitable organizations to recruit volunteers. A built-in online volunteer signup feature in the program assists users in registering volunteers for an event. The module creates a user account for volunteers, allowing them to log in and receive the most up-to-date information from the organization about planned events.

The software has a customizable UI that allows users to set up industry-specific fields based on their company's needs. VolunteerHub provides options for creating event-specific landing pages as well as automatic registration confirmations and reminders through email. The application's tracking feature allows staff personnel to report volunteer participation in the event. Team members can establish metrics for analysis, such as the number of training classes, using the program.

  • Simple and streamlined: Makes customizing events, scheduling volunteers, and recruiting easier. Provides a comprehensive set of administration and event tools for guiding volunteers through the event process.
  • Opportunities for Volunteering: A single dashboard provides access to event details, prerequisites, and volunteer registration. Volunteers can look through the schedule of events and go to specific pages for each volunteer opportunity.
  • Integrated Volunteer Database: Provides a dedicated web platform for NGOs to obtain volunteer information and facilitate communication. Allows volunteers to organize in a thorough manner, keep track of registrations and statistics, and form groups with group leaders.
  • Dual Stage Security: Manages data and information on the platform using dual-stage and security, as well as an internal hard drive that keeps a real-time mirror of information. Every day, copy all information to a secure, offsite location to ensure that a hard drive crash or other occurrence does not affect the information.
  • Create opportunity-specific dynamic campaign pages to assist organizations in managing separate volunteer events. This allows organizations to be more organized and creative when creating campaigns.
  • Team Organization: Assists in the management of various groups of volunteers for various events on a single platform. Volunteers can be classified according to their skill sets, which allows them to register for relevant events and easily maintain communication.

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