What is Wingmate?

Wingmate is a fully featured Lead Management Software designed for all business sizes. The software engages a field staff to generate new sales, improve service and communicate in real time and on the go.  It helps commercial service businesses dominate their competition. Besides, Wingmate allows companies to launch field staff sales campaigns, report equipment, spot competitive intelligence, customer or safety issues, and more.

Wingmate stands out for its three main features - Mobile Reporting App, simple CRM, and Inside Sales Support. The mobile app is easy and quick to use with detailed reporting. CRM includes both a mobile app and a web dashboard that allows you to effectively manage and track leads or sales. Inside Sales Support is provided by experienced professionals who can qualify your clients, set meetings, and tee-up deals.

Another useful tool is Frontline Intel Program which captures leads, leverages current in-field employees like drivers, technicians, route reps, and maintenance in industries including environmental services, utilities, telecommunication, couriers, construction / contracting, real estate, and maintenance. It also takes the benefit of internal assets, otherwise overlooked, and uses them to explore and report back on opportunities in the field.

Pipeline management, inside sales help that provides external sales leaders to follow leads provided by the frontline, and push potential customers through the sales funnel.  In addition, this online Lead Management Software offers Campaign Management, Activity Tracking, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Distribution at one place as well. 

Wingmate manages the entire campaign, tracking the performance with in-depth analytics. The software encourages and rewards lead generators for sales, and helps businesses to knock out competitors, up-sell existing customers or even scout new business opportunities. 

Wingmate offers 24/7 support via email, phone, chat, and forum.