What is Wise Agent?

Wise Agent lets you organize and manage your real estate contacts and deals, and automate repetitive tasks. It also has many tools for personalization to ensure each client feels important. The software gets high marks for creating a powerful and agile platform while remaining simple to use. Ease of Use Wise Agent CRM has a simple, no-nonsense design. No clutter, no fuss, the entire platform is easy to navigate.

The customer profiles keep everything about a customer in one place, which is preferable to clicking around looking for info. Customer service is very responsive. The company listens to what customers have to say and acts on it. Contact Management Wise Agent recognizes that having a personal touch is key in real estate. And they facilitate closer relationships with customizable fields. You can add any detail you wish to the client profile, from birthdays to a pet's name. You can store and manage all your real estate contact information, including your clients' contact details, preferences, and interaction history.

You can also track customer details which properties they're interested in, and which properties they've viewed. Wise Agent also lets you stay in touch with minimal effort. Some communications, such as email follow-ups, can be entirely automated. The CRM also allows you to email, text, dial, and even send videos directly from the contact record. Lead Management Wise Agent has a few unique features up its sleeve to help you manage leads. One such tool is the Referral Tree, which makes lead tracking simple. This tool serves two purposes. First, it helps keep track of leads in a visual way. Second, it makes it easy to see how many leads from individual clients have turned into a future sale. It also offers a sophisticated landing page tool.

You get several landing page templates and can publish a new page in minutes. After filling in a few details, you can publish your new page to Facebook, your website, or Google Ads. Any leads captured are automatically added to your CRM contacts. You can also use landing pages as an online sign-in form for your open houses. Wise Agent AI Bot Wise Agent's AI Bot allows real estate teams to easily convert visitors to leads. It speaks the language of today's real estate consumer and can be set up to automatically respond when leads use a certain trigger phrase.

It is sophisticated enough to handle objections and human enough to know when to use an emoji. The bot can be named, so it brings a human element to the conversations and can follow up with leads for over a year. The AI Bot does not replace real estate agents but gives them time to be more productive and focus on customer relationships.