What is WORKetc?

WORKetc combines CRM with your accounting and project management. Instead of multiple systems for each department, you can manage all your business processes from a single platform. Find prospects, nurture leads, create a quote, manage a project, ship deliverables, bill your customers, and client problems--all from a single software system. WORKetc is one of the most comprehensive CRMs that follows the entire lifecycle of the customer. Ease of Use WORKetc eliminates silos of information to create a single source of truth for your organization.

Accuracy, communication, and accountability are all enhanced in this easy-to-use platform. Despite the breadth of features, WORKetc subscribers report the CRM is simple to learn and use. It also has a lot of customization options, ensuring the system work with your business processes vs. forcing you to adapt to new software. CRM features WORKetc builds customer profiles by pulling information from every department--sales, marketing, accounting, operations, and more. It creates a system of complete transparency across your entire organization.

You also get a more complex and accurate picture of how your business is performing. Enterprise-level analytics can help you track leads, forecast future sales, and market to the best prospects. Sales and Marketing Automation WORKetc lets you build workflows for your most repetitive and tedious tasks. Whether it`s auto dialing a long list of sales calls, or sending a welcome email to each new lead, WORKetc can automate many of your labor-intensive steps. These automated workflows are customizable to your business processes. WORKetc also provides a very sophisticated tagging system.

Highly granular, it can take some time to master. But once you`ve learned the ropes, you can pull very targeted lists for upselling and cross-selling clients. Marketers can use the tags to build personalized marketing campaigns. Customer Service Support ticket functionality easily allows for ticket tracking, monitoring, and assigning to specific customer service associates who are in charge of accounts. It has also created a detailed support history that we can use during our annual business reviews to showcase the ROI of our online support.

Project Management Create your own Project Templates to ensure every step of a project is completed. There`s no need for staff to reinvent the wheel. Everyone has a blueprint for how to accomplish the task according to company standards. You can also link your company`s Knowledge Base articles to project tasks to guide staff on the how and why of each stage of the project. Custom tags allow you to organize clients by services delivered.

These tags can be used to create Smart Lists, which show you the progress on tasks being done across all clients that match the tag category you`re working on. You can also create Smart Lists around a single project or employee. WORKetc makes it simple to track projects from a birds-eye view or drill-down to a granular view. Accounting WORKetc integrates with several popular payment gateways and can manage taxes and discounts. It also has timesheet capture, company-wide billing, subscription billing, and can integrate with other accounting software for instant updates.