What is Zurmo CRM?

Zurmo is a small business-friendly open-source customer relationship management (CRM) system. It includes contact management, sales force automation, and marketing automation applications. Users can use the solution to track the progress of contacts throughout their lifecycle. This enables users from various departments to see where a contact originated and where it is going.

Zurmo's sales application includes a customizable pipeline view with drag-and-drop opportunities to assist sales representatives in visualizing and managing processes and deals. Email marketing campaigns, auto-responder schedulers, and template builders are among the marketing modules available to help users create and embed lead-capture forms on their websites.

Zurmo includes workflow automation features like triggered email alerts and note generation. Zurmo also includes optional gamification elements like leveling, points, and badges to recognize and encourage future success. It also has reporting features that allow users to create and share reports with 3D graphs, pie charts, donuts, and other graphics.

The user interface is simple and well-organized; new users can quickly learn how to use the tools and functions with little or no training. You can also extend functionality by integrating popular business and productivity apps such as Google Apps, Outlook, MS Exchange, and VoIP, or by accessing the software via a smartphone or tablet for on-the-go flexibility.