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5 Best LinkedIn CRM Integrations in 2024

Do you want to have more customers? Wondering if LinkedIn can increase your business traffic? In this article, you will learn all about CRM with Linkedin integration.

Ivan Karp
Written by
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp

With a vast marketing background, Ivan has increased his knowledge base and works as Trujay’s general managing director and FindMyCRM project manager. Fluent in all departments, Ivan jumps into different leadership roles daily and provides knowledge and skill to anyone who needs it.

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Published: Jan 20, 2023

| Last updated on Sep 29, 2023

| 18 mins read

Is LinkedIn good for lead prospecting?

LinkedIn is the most popular social network in the world, designed to find new contacts, communicate on business topics and find new business partners. If you are looking for business marketing, then LinkedIn is the best B2B network for it. That's why. LinkedIn is used by over 180 million people in the US every month.

Among them are people of various professions, such as:

  • Marketing.
  • Digital technologies.
  • Engineering.
  • Finance.
  • Education.

But also more specific professions such as SEO, copywriting, Google advertising.

A LinkedIn lead is a person who is interested in reaching out to you in one of your messages or directly in a private message to learn more about you. Take care of your LinkedIn profile to improve your lead generation marketing!

The rise of social media has become a turning point for business. They not only serve as means of promoting brands, but also as channels through which companies can actively communicate with their target audiences. That's why social CRM is likely to be one of the most important tools you'll have in your business systems arsenal. This type of CRM helps you simplify many sales and marketing tasks by capturing important customer information across various social media channels and consolidating interactions with customers and leads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks in one interface.

In previous articles, we have already analyzed the pros and cons of such CRM systems for integration with social networks:

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What is a CRM Integration for LinkedIn?

If you work in the HR field with LinkedIn on an ongoing basis, you may have noticed how much time it takes to maintain a database of candidates, communication history, and selecting templates for correspondence. Performing all these operations manually, it is rather difficult not to forget or mix up anything. For HR professionals who regularly work on LinkedIn, there are CRM systems that integrate with this social network.

How useful is LinkedIn's native integration with CRM for HR? It allows you to automate and simplify recruitment methods in a social network.

  • You save all the data of the person you are interested in in the database with one click - without copying, retyping and writing in a notepad.
  • Keep a history of communication quickly and conveniently: the CRM system will store most of the data for you. All you have to do is add a reminder of the next contact.
  • For correspondence with candidates, use ready-made templates that are at hand at any time.
  • You are always up to date on each candidate thanks to the preset statuses.
  • No matter how much time has passed since the last communication, you can view the history of contacts with each person in your database.
  • Transfer cases and do not be afraid to forget something, because all information, including appointments, calls, details of negotiations, is already in CRM.

This is not a complete list of LinkedIn HR CRM features, but it makes working on the social network simple and enjoyable.

Why You Should Integrate a CRM With LinkedIn

The best social media platform for lead generation

LinkedIn is a platform specifically designed for business development. By creating your LinkedIn profile, you will be able to connect with others in the same industry and find potential business partners. A profile allows you to add all the important information about yourself and your company so that people who are interested in doing business with you or buying your products or services know what you have to offer. LinkedIn lead generation will further help you grow your business.

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Automated clean data capture

CRM records all information about the interaction of the client with the company. The program allows you to record the history of calls, customer dialogues with managers by phone or in instant messengers, the history of purchases or viewing goods.

Full automatic accounting of client data allows you to speed up the work of the sales department and reduce the number of lost deals, as well as increase the number of repeat sales due to a personalized approach to customers using the information collected earlier.

Rapid lead generation

An important advantage of lead generation through social networks is the quick and easy collection of contacts, as well as the ability to increase the base of potential customers without a website. This method of lead generation is suitable for registering for events, promoting popular services, quickly registering for procedures, selling goods and providing discounts and bonuses.

Better outreach campaigns

Thanks to process automation and the tools currently available, business leaders have the ability to manage transaction conversions and at the same time reduce the cost of attracting their buyers. To achieve this, companies need to implement automation and tracking systems in their work, connect online telephony, integrate mail services and advertising platforms, set up roles and record each client and his orders in cards, taking into account all the comments that arise in the process of working and moving along sales funnel.

How to Choose the Best CRM to Integrate With LinkedIn

Searching for a CRM system for your operations does not end with simply choosing the most popular one on the market. You need to take a closer look at each system to determine which one will work best for your needs and business goals. To get started, here are some tips on how to choose the best CRM for your company:


Among the main capabilities of CRM systems, it is advisable to highlight the following:

  • Management of customer information. The client base is consolidated, the organization receives complete information about its customers and their preferences and builds based on this data interaction strategy.
  • Sales management. The system stores a complete history of communication with customers, which helps the sales department to analyze the behavior of customers, to form for them relevant offers, win loyalty.
  • Automation of marketing in CRM programs. The CRM system allows optimal organize the company's marketing management, conduct marketing activities, manage resources and budgets for marketing, coordinate marketing activities.
  • Automation of document flow. The system provides all the necessary tools for management of both external and internal document flow of the company.
  • Management of business processes. Arrange work processes on shelves, formalize is a non-trivial task that is solved by business analysts. The number of errors decreases, the company's work accelerates, and results become more predictable.
  • Analytical capabilities of the CRM system. The system allows the company to receive static information, conduct complex data analysis necessary for strategic adoption important business processes.
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Flexible pricing: The best option for small businesses is the ability to pay for basic and selected features (and not pay for those you don't use), as well as choose a tariff based on the number of employees. This allows you to significantly save on the use of CRM.

Customer Support

Check with customer support beforehand. There is only a small chance that your introduction to the new system will pass without any questions, so check whether the customer support is really worth the money you pay for it. When you buy a CRM tool, you buy a commitment to the company. So, make sure that they will be ready to help you at any time. Ideally, customer support should be available 24/7 and combine multiple communication channels (phone, email, live support, social media).

Integration Options

At best, you'll end up with an open API system that can function in any software ecosystem and therefore require minimal adaptation. If this is not the case, then check the list of integrations offered by the vendor and pay attention in particular to popular social networks, ERP systems, customer service and payment channel systems.

5 Best CRM systems for LinkedIn

Fortunately, there are automated marketing and sales tools for LinkedIn that can help you get the most out of this lead-generation machine without the hassle.




Vtiger CRM is an open source CRM offering a variety of sales tools. A feature of this platform is that, unlike other solutions, Vtiger CRM includes a range of opportunities not only for marketing, sales and service, but also for managing offers, invoices, payments in one workspace. The main advantages of Vtiger CRM include:

  • intelligent e-mail clients for conducting analytical work in order to improve interaction with buyers;
  • sales performance analysis tools;
  • the possibility of deploying the system both on the basis of SaaS technology and using the organization's own technical capabilities;
  • modularity of the system, which allows you to choose and pay only for the set of functionality that suits the needs of a particular organization;
  • open source code, allowing to refine the system.


  • It has a lot of breaks in the workflow.
  • It has a difficult learning curve.
  • Any setup requires a lot of manual programming.
  • The need to buy the missing solutions in the package.



Streak CRM



This is the only CRM fully integrated into your Gmail inbox. It can be used to track many business processes, including sales, partnerships, support, and hiring. Streak also includes a powerful suite of email tools such as email tracking which allows you to keep track of when an email is open.


  • Potentially slow system
  • Sometimes there are crashes



Zoho CRM



he system is positioned as a tool for improving business efficiency. Focused on business owners and management. The program processes information about interaction with the client, and generates statistical sales reports. Zoho takes into account the activity of buyers and tracks the sources of traffic on the site. The data is formed enough to form work plans for the entire team. All necessary information about business activity is collected in one place. This saves time and increases the profitability of the business by systematizing its work.


  • The free version is limited to 3 users.
  • Does not offer local solutions.
  • Free support is limited 24/5.






Oracle CRM will simplify the process of making a profit. Your sales performance will improve through forecasting, sales growth and commission management. You will be able to manage global sales and service organizations.Oracle CRM is one of the most well-known and trusted CRM tools in today's market among all customers. 

Oracle CRM provides you with a complete, integrated and extensible set of applications for modern customer service.

Oracle CRM provides you with reliable solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, social platforms, service and CPQ. It is reliable and has many deployment models. This helps to create good and healthy relationships with customers.


  • Oracle CRM has a weak user interface and therefore is not very user friendly.
  • The app becomes slow and has a difficult learning curve.
  • Integration could be improved.






The leader of the world market of CRM systems, occupies 14% of it. This is the American system, one of the most expensive. The system takes into account the specifics of the client's industry. Analytical tools allow you to track the traffic of potential customers and analyze sales performance. Evaluates the marketing strategy of the business and makes recommendations for its improvement. It provides control over the entire sales cycle from lead generation to statistics.


  • It comes with an expensive setup and complex environment as it requires a special command to process it.
  • Upgrading Salesforce creates problems for customers as functionality becomes hidden.
  • Poor technical support staff and complicated reporting process.



How We Evaluated the Best LinkedIn CRM Integrations

The systems differ not only in price and set of performed functions. Each of the systems started from different premises, and the development and accents formed their individual purpose and perception for the user. Therefore, the listed CRMs are suitable for different categories of clients with a certain range of tasks. Understanding the main specifics of each of them, you can choose the option that suits you.

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LinkedIn is undeniably one of the most powerful tools for generating B2B leads and establishing a strong brand presence in the US market. Despite the higher cost of advertising on the platform, it continues to attract the attention of advertisers and brands worldwide. This can be attributed to the unique targeting settings that LinkedIn offers, allowing businesses to reach their precise target audience.

With LinkedIn's extensive user base of professionals and decision-makers, it offers unparalleled opportunities for businesses to connect with the right people and drive meaningful engagement. Whether you're looking to generate leads, promote your products or services, or establish yourself as an industry thought leader, LinkedIn provides a platform that can help you achieve your goals.

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Ivan Karp

With a vast marketing background, Ivan has increased his knowledge base and works as Trujay’s general managing director and FindMyCRM project manager. Fluent in all departments, Ivan jumps into different leadership roles daily and provides knowledge and skill to anyone who needs it.

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