What is Sage CRM?

If you believe a good CRM should do whatever you need it to do--Sage CRM is a great choice. It`s an open CRM that offers almost endless options to tweak and customize the system. It also provides features for all customer-facing departments: sales, customer service, and marketing. You can launch targeted campaigns, identify your most valuable prospects, and provide superior customer support at every touchpoint. As far as user satisfaction, the more time you spend configuring the system, the more satisfied you`ll be. Sage is best for companies that can invest a little time and money into building out a custom solution. Customization Sage CRM is an open application that is easy to customize and extend.

It goes well beyond the point-and-click customization options you find in most CRMs. With Sage, you have a choice of APIs and development tools, and there are very few aspects of the platform where you aren`t given complete control. Users have extended the software to serve virtually every industry, including chemicals, construction, wholesale retail, nonprofits, food and beverages, and others. The company encourages community development and offers an advanced customization wizard. Knowledge of software development is a must for this level of customization.

Less tech-savvy users can still customize their own forms, views, workflow rules, fields, and reports--no coding required. Ease of Use If you are working with a developer to create a custom solution with Sage, the setup is complex and somewhat time-consuming. Once configured, the CRM is easy to navigate; however, the overall look is outdated. If you want a sleek system with powerful visuals to encourage user adoption--this isn`t your platform.

Workflows Sage CRM offers custom workflows for sales, marketing, and customer service teams. You can save your staff time by setting up business rules that then automate a corresponding action. For example, you could automate Sage to send a follow-up email 48 hours after a sales quote is issued. It`s also possible to build workflow trees. Depending on how a customer or prospect behaves, they will be sent down the best automation path.

For example, a lead that hasn`t responded to emails could be channeled back to marketing for more nurturing. Customer Service Features Customer profiles:Having a 360-degree view of the client will profoundly impact all departments, especially customer service. Profiles are customizable and can include virtually any information you deem essential--from related documents to call history and beyond. Sage also offers inventory and delivery modules. You can easily pull up shipment and delivery info for customers or create a self-service portal for it.

Centralized knowledge base: Storing all customer, product, and service information in a single place saves time. You can quickly provide proactive support or direct customers to a self-service information portal. Customer metrics: Dashboards and reports display how agents are performing at a glance. You can keep track of how many calls were fielded, cases resolved, customer attrition, and more. Sales Tools Sales pipeline management: Pipelines offer a visual tool to track how many leads are in each sales funnel stage. Sales data can also be translated into charts, dials, and reports.

Sage provides straightforward visual aids so that you can pursue your hottest opportunities or save lagging deals. Product and price list management: Your team will always know what products are in stock, as well as up-to-date pricing. The information is available on the Sage app, too, so you can inform customers on the go.

Contract management:Sage can automatically generate a contract upon closing a deal without the need to re-enter any data. You can also set up automated contract renewal reminders, a helpful feature when you manage multiple, ongoing contracts.

Drag and drop appointment calendar: You can drag and drop appointments onto your calendar. You can attach and view related documents within the calendar so you have all the relevant information on hand for your appointment.

Marketing Targeted campaigns: Sage provides business intelligence and sales analytics that marketers can leverage to improve their campaigns. Campaign metrics include leads by source, lead to opportunity conversion and marketing ROI per campaign. You can view your KPIs in charts and dashboards or easily print them as a report. Email campaigns: Send personalized emails when prospects are most likely to open them and track open rates, bounce rates, and click-throughs. Your detailed customer profiles ensure you send a tailor-made offer and keep communication relevant to your target.

You can also seamlessly integrate with MailChimp to make use of dozens of templates. Then, track your campaign`s success within Sage. Up to 2000 email subscribers are free each month. Integrations Sage offers more than a CRM. The company also designs award-winning accounting software, ERP solutions, compliance apps, inventory, and project management. If you`re looking for one platform to serve every business need, Sage can create a connected software ecosystem for your entire business.

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