What is Customer Database App?

Customer Database App is a free CRM that aims to be easy to use and set up. You can decide what information you hold against your customers and sales pipelines by using a simple drag-and-drop form setup. You get to control where on the screen key information is displayed. Accessing individual customers is always two clicks away making it super easy to pull up the key information and all history relating to the customer.

Workflows/stages can be customized for each sales pipeline/product you have, these can in turn be used to automate actions such as creating tasks for other users, sending emails from a template with merge fields, or sending text messages. Stage changes with the user and date/time are included in the audit history making it easy to see the history relating to a sales pipeline/product.

Integration with Twilio allows outgoing and incoming calls that can be routed to the correct user based on the caller's number and which user is assigned to the customer. There is an option to add a custom message before calls are answered and to record calls that become immediately available to play back against the customer record. Outgoing SMS and email integrations are also included allowing you to send messages to individual customers, groups of customers, or automatically on stage changes.
Tagging a customer or pipeline to groups make it possible to market to special subsets of customers. For example, if you wanted to market something to only high-net-worth customers. Groups can also be helpful if some of your customers require extra care, when the customer screen is open it's easy to spot which groups the customer has been tagged in.

Boards give an overview of your currently active pipelines, you'll be able to see what each user is working on and if there have been any delays progressing customers through each stage.
Other customer related features include document production, attached files, customer notes, a diary/calendar, tasks, and an easy-to-read audit history showing the timeline of changes/communications with the customer/pipeline.

General setup includes user permissions, date/time formats that can be switched for your location, two-factor authentication, and choosing the colors/icons for your pipelines/stages.

There is a mobile app available for Android devices and one for Apple due.

Data can be mapped and imported from CSV files, all customer data can be easily exported from the system to CSV format. There is a RESTFul API that can be used for example if you wanted to import leads directly from a website or another system.

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