What is MyStudio?

MyStudio is a customer relationship management (CRM) software created to help SMEs, and enterprises manage events, trials, memberships, classes, retail, and more. Clients can buy courses, trials, and other services via websites, a custom mobile app, or social media channels. Businesses can create, manage, and launch personalized websites and mobile apps to establish a brand identity. 

First, in the MyStudio overview, we should mention that this powerful platform allows you to sell products and services online, personally, and everywhere. With its custom, fully integrated, and user-friendly website, you can easily connect your services and products, make updates in real-time, collect leads and add them to marketing automation campaigns, set your brand colors or use templates, optimize your site for search engines and easily connect your existing domain. In addition, you can sell personally at your studio, pop-ups, and events with a point of sale that’s wherever you are and on any device. Your clients can register for classes, appointments, events, trials, and memberships. Besides this, you can also sell online by sharing links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, in an email, or set up automated email campaigns, or via text messages or in-app messages through your customer app.

Another useful feature in our MyStudio overview besides selling is managing everything and everywhere. Membership management lets you manage events, camps, and more, send texts, mobile push messages, and emails from an operator app. Additionally, you can manage payments, transfer memberships, update participant information, and store digital waivers and agreements. Class and appointment scheduling allow you to offer classes to clients or class packages and allow for drop-in classes or manage member permission. Task management automates your operational processes and manages your team's tasks and workload, and reporting shows your key performance indicators like business’ financial and membership health, conversion stats of trials, and more.

And the last features in our MyStudio overview are lead, trial conversion, and attendance automation. You can set the messages that leads automatically receive from you with a suite of automation tools, which include email, SMS text, targeted campaigns, and then analyze the performance for the best outcomes. Automated attendance-based campaigns keep frequently attending clients motivated and re-engage customers who have not been in recently.

MyStudio offers a simple communication toolset to stay engaged with your customers. It includes SMS text, in-app, email, and communication campaigns that support customers and drive sales 24/7. Moreover, you can use pre-built templates for quick and effective communication.

To sum up this MyStudio review we can conclude the benefits of using this platform:

  • The software simplifies, automates, and multiplies your leads to sell.
  • It doesn't make running your business any more complex than it needs to be and offers tools that are simple for you.
  • With MyStudio, your clients can buy from you in countless ways without needing to tend to them.
  • SMEs can sell memberships, retail/pro shop items, trial memberships, and more as well as manage registrations for camps, birthday parties, and other special events.

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