What is Salesboom?

Salesboom offers a comprehensive CRM software platform. Don`t let the name fool you; there is a vast array of features for sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Salesboom`s toolkit for the salesforce is, however, a most impressive feature. It offers features for complex B2B sales processes as well as collaborative selling. There is also an impressive array of automation for all customer-facing departments. Ease of Use Salesboom is a feature-rich CRM. That means it can take some time to learn the ropes. For an additional fee, Salesboom provides a Fast-Track Service.

This ensures you take advantage of every CRM feature and fine-tune the software to your business processes. The service comes with a one-hour consulting and planning session. Applications are customized according to this planning session, including custom form layouts, a workflow installation, and your security and permissions setup. An hour of training is also provided.

Salesforce Automation Salesboom offers a host of automation that can be triggered when a record is created or updated. You have control over these triggers, based on custom fields, values, and other parameters of your choosing. Preset tasks are then assigned to the appropriate user along with email alerts and a blueprint of the steps involved. Some examples include:

Hot Lead Workflows: When a prospect meets your criteria for a high-value lead, they can automatically be assigned to a salesperson, along with a list of tasks that must be accomplished, plus deadlines and reminders.

Big Deal Alerts: Sales managers can automatically receive an alert when an opportunity reaches a certain value or probability score.

Churn Avoidance: If a lead or customer hasn`t been contacted within a set period, reminders and tasks can be automatically issued. Salesboom anticipates that salesforce automation can increase your team`s productivity by 300%. Automation tools ensure that your B2B sales reps can keep up with all the moving pieces of a long, complex selling process.

Collaborative CRM Salesboom includes collaboration features such as phone, text, and chat. You can also share and assign workflows, or create a customer portal. Salesboom has the tools and integrations needed to establish a collaborative online workspace--for employees, customers, vendors, partners, and suppliers.

Features include calendar sharing, event management, self-service portals, and Skype integration. Marketing Features In addition to sales tools, there are ample features for the marketing team, such as:

Segmentation: You can segment customers according to your priorities. Use key features, such as location, average spend, and industry to write business rules to deliver targeted messaging to each group.

Email Campaigns: You can choose from a library of templates to create professional, branded emails. Then have bulk emails automated according to your business rules. For example, a welcome message could automatically send each time a new lead is added to the CRM.

Campaign Analytics: Salesboom can measure important KPIs for your digital marketing as well as traditional output, such as radio and newspapers. You get a strong set of reporting and analytics features, helping your business track the most effective campaigns and most valuable customers.

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