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Best Free CRM Software For Your Needs In 2024

Read our overview of the best free CRM software. Pick up the best CRM platform for your business needs. Discover new CRM solutions that offer free CRM platforms.

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Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 36 mins read

You are searching for the new business idea company owner. Or, maybe you are self-employed. Anyway, we are sure, that you do one’s best for your business advance and enhancement. So, you probably know that the ability to satisfy your client’s needs is the key to your business's success. Therefore, we can recommend you to pay attention to the customer relationships increase. That is, you can start using a free-of-charge CRM.

Therefore, take a look at the Top 10 Best Free CRM Software overview.

  1. HubSpot
  2. Insightly
  3. Freshsales
  4. Bitrix24
  5. Capsule
  6. Suite
  7. Vtiger
  8. Zurmo
  9. Agile

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What Is Free CRM Software?


What is the best free CRM? CRM software, or customer relationship management software, assists businesses in managing and tracking relationships with their customers and prospects. CRM systems help businesses grow by improving customer connections and streamlining processes. Adding a CRM system to your business can improve visibility and provide a 360-degree view of your customer interactions by opening communication between sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

A CRM system isn't a panacea for all of these issues; your teams must still adopt the technology and change processes; however, CRM software helps many businesses accelerate the sales cycle and increase cross-team collaboration. CRM systems, according to experts, assist organizations in better understanding their customers and developing long-term relationships with those customers.

Businesses that use CRM systems benefit in the long run. They also benefit in the long run as their company grows. Small businesses can benefit from using a free CRM system to begin managing their sales processes and gain visibility into their customer relationships.

How Do Free CRMs Work?

CRM systems are built around a shared database that offers multiple interactions with current and potential customers. This data enables users throughout your organization, including marketing, sales, and customer service representatives, to share customer data in real-time. Furthermore, managers and business leaders can forecast performance using reporting and analytics.

CRM tools place a strong emphasis on sales and customer retention, as these systems track leads, accounts, and contacts throughout the sales process. A CRM system, on the other hand, is more than just a fancy address book. Businesses can track everything they know about a customer and integrate with other systems such as social media to enhance that information with customization options.

Some CRM platforms also include marketing and customer service tools. Email templates, lead forms, and campaign management systems are examples of marketing tools. The service tools provide post-sales support to customers, either through customer service cases, project management, or both.

The top CRM software for your business can also help teams spend less time on repetitive, error-prone tasks like data entry. Workflow automation also improves lead identification, notification, and opportunity case creation. This allows teams to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Integrations with other business technologies aid in the movement of data between departments such as marketing, accounting, sales, support, and others, resulting in smoother invoicing, prospecting, lead generation, and more.

Free CRM tools are not one-size-fits-all. Most solutions provide multiple plans with feature sets that grow with the needs of the business. Marketing automation tools, customer support, and additional customization and reporting options are frequently included in these upgrades.

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CRM features and benefits explained


Contact / lead management

A CRM system's core function is to store and use prospect information to nurture relationships. Integrations with contact apps and social media accounts help sales teams maximize lead information.

Deal management

When a sales opportunity arises, the deal management feature aids in increasing productivity so that your team can close the deal. Setting milestones, tasks, and deadlines is one example.

Automation of work processes

Automation can help you complete important tasks while saving time: for example, email templates can be scheduled to be sent to prospects when they reach a certain stage in the sales funnel.

Emails in bulk

Sending bulk emails to contacts can help sales teams advance relationships while also saving time. You can usually save and personalize email templates, as well as create recipient groups.

Call and email logs

Keeping track of customer communications in a centralized CRM platform eliminates the need to rely on human memory and ensures teams have the most up-to-date relationship information.

Leads generation

A good CRM system assists you in generating new leads in a cost-effective manner. This includes entering business card information into a mobile app and searching the internet for specific customer profiles.

Sales pipeline with drag-and-drop functionality

Drag-and-drop Kanban-style boards are a quick and easy way to update the status of different deals when making manual changes to your pipeline activities and overall customize the CRM system.

Reporting and analytics

Customizing and exporting sales and marketing activity reports allows you to learn from successful deals and focus your attention on high-probability prospects..

Lead assignment

When you have a growing sales team, being able to assign leads to staff members is critical to ensuring that the best person is on the case, increasing the chances of closing deals.

What to consider when choosing the best CRM software for you

CRM does more than just keep your contacts organized; it also provides a slew of tools to help you increase sales and run more effective marketing campaigns. Here's more information on the features CRM software provides for small businesses.

Lead management and sales. Find new customers by generating leads automatically from various sources such as social media, website visitors, inbound calls, newsletter sign-ups, and more. Follow up with leads automatically using pre-programmed emails and tasks, or contact them directly. CRM can nurture prospects all the way through the sales funnel, from lead generation to sale closure. Furthermore, many CRM systems allow users to create and save sales quotes as well as track invoices.

Marketing. The best customer relationship management systems include marketing tools built in, such as email templates, email marketing pipelines, SMS messaging, and lightweight project management tools. Some even provide competition tracking and sales forecasting.

E-commerce. Some high-level CRM software includes built-in e-commerce functionality, while others allow for simple e-commerce integration via the API or a third-party service.

Reports/dashboards. Most CRM software includes reporting capabilities, and many of the higher-end products feature live, dynamic dashboards. Check that any exporting or importing requirements you have (for example, transferring data to and from Excel or QuickBooks) are compatible with the system you choose.

Call center. Most low-cost CRM products lack call center capabilities, but third-party integrations exist to connect call center software with CRM software. However, if a call center is critical to your business, it may be worthwhile to invest in a CRM that includes full call center functionality.

Workflows/approvals. Project management is an essential component of any CRM. Most high-quality CRM systems include built-in workflows and checkbox-style approvals to aid in task management and organization. However, the degree to which these project management tools are customizable varies by product, so if you need a specific workflow step or approval process, make sure it is possible with the application you select.

How we test the CRM tool

When testing CRM software, we consider the product's features and how they compare to the competition, as well as how user-friendly it is, what support options are available, and whether it goes beyond the basic needs of a small or medium-sized business (for the best free CRM software).

Contact and deal management, sales pipeline management, and basic reporting functionality are high-scoring features for free CRMs, with bonus points for in-built calling and bulk emailing, customizable analytics dashboards, workflow automation, and third-party integrations.

Highly rated CRM software is simple to use, with clear feature categorization, drag-and-drop deal management, and a user interface that gets tasks done quickly. These solutions are the best decisions for your business.

Let's Test Drive Your CRM

Our List of Best Free CRM Software Options in 2024

The modern business world changes rapidly. Therefore, the business owners are in a tight competition with each other. That is, they have to seek for the new solutions constantly to ensure the business development and market leadership retention. As well, the companies with maintained close customer relationships and ability to meet the client’s requirements the best is more likely to succeed.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, it is fear to notice that CRM is a cornerstone to push your company up to succeed. So, let’s pay attention to the Free CRM systems as the best allies for customer relationship improvement. This way, we offer you to take a look at the Top 10 best free CRM software  overview.

To begin, let’s find out what the free CRM systems mean? What are its main features and benefits? Will its use be useful for the direct business?

There are two types of no-payment CRM systems:

  • freemium CRM;
  • open source CRM.

Whatever, each free CRM type has several cons and pros. So, let’s take a look at those.

  • Freemium CRM – have somewhat ultimate functionality, such as the limit of free users, data storage size, contacts, add-on settings, access to the support service/ etc.
  • Open source CRM – offers a full-featured CRM. That sounds great, right? Although, it has some speciality: your company will probably need to hire a specialist (team) or undergo additional training to install and adjust such one CRM. As well, because of this
    inconvenience, you can get the possibility to adapt the platform precisely to your business needs.

How to choose a free CRM for your needs?

So, which free solution is the best one? Unfortunately, we can not answer this question, because of the ideally suited to one business, may be entirely irrelevant for another one.

Therefore, it is proposed to pay attention to the Top 10 best free CRM software 2019 overview by the expert’s and our opinion.

  1. Hubspot CRM
  2. Insightly
  3. Zoho
  4. Freshsales
  5. Bitrix24
  6. Capsule CRM
  7. SuiteCRM
  8. vTiger CRM
  9. Zurmo CRM
  10. Agile CRM

1. Hubspot CRM Ideal for Unlimited Free User Access



Why is  Hubspot CRM one of the best free CRM software?

The system’s main advantage is that it is a full-featured CRM. Besides, HubSpot CRM makes the users possible to use all its features absolutely free. By the way, the platform has tons of awards by various review platforms. This best free crm software intends a set of productivity for the sale vendors, service providers, small and mid-sized businesses. It helps to obtain complete sales information and close a number of deals quickly and wisely. Another great feature of Hubspot is its simple navigation and an intuitive interface.

As for the Hubspot price, it is a totally free-of-pay platform that allows you to keep up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, storage without any expiration date and hidden payments.

Read a Detailed HubSpot CRM Overview


  • Live chat, in-built emails and calls
  • Website marketing tools
  • Custom fields


  • Limited workflow automation
  • 15-minute calling limit per month
  • No email, phone, or chat support


  • HubSpot CRM is free and the number of users is unlimited.
  • Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub add-on packages are $50 
  • HubSpot CMS starts at $360 per month
  • Starter CRM Suite starts at $45

2. Insightly Best for Project Management



Being an end-to-end service, Insightly is recognized as one of the best free CRM software

The platform has a neatly-equipped package and is one of the most widely used market solutions. As well, the system’s free version is designed for the private entrepreneurs and mini businesses owners. Unlike Hubspot, it is a freemium CRM. So, if you are not frightened by the prospect of receiving additional features for a moderate fee, pay attention to Insightly.

However, Insightly is one of the best free CRM software with a pretty no-payment plan that allows access for up to two users, 2,500 contacts and a data storage of 200 MB free of charge, basic sales tools, social media, and online communities. But, for the advanced features, you will have to buy an update starting from $29/user/month (billed annually).

Read a Detailed Insightly CRM Overview


  • Integrated project management tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • 250+ app integrations available


  • No live support options included with plans
  • Inbuilt telephony feature costs extra


  • No-frills plan for up to 2 users is free.
  • Plus is $29 
  • Professional is $49 
  • Enterprise is $99 
  • A 14-day free trial is available for the Plus and Professional plans.

3. Zoho CRM Optimal for Streamlined Sales Process Automation



Why Zoho is among Top 10 best free CRM software? It is a great force for the sales automation process.

Currently, it is one of the most popular free CRM for many reasons. First of all, Zoho helps to manage relationships, provide complete automation of sales, lead and e-mail management. This free sales software can satisfy the small and medium businesses, private entrepreneurs, retailers and service industry needs.

In terms of cost, Zoho CRM is a free platform for up to 3 users and allows to have the data storage up to 1GB. Also, you will have access to the integration, support, project management and a professional analytics board, 10 Email templates, etc. However, to get access to additional features, you can buy a paid edition starting from $14/user/month (billed annually).

Read a Detailed Zoho CRM Overview


  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with Zoho suite


  • No integration with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
  • No custom reports


  • A free version is available for up to 3 users. 15-day free trial for paid versions.
  • Standard edition is $14 
  • Professional edition is $23 
  • Enterprise edition is $40 
  • Ultimate edition is $52. Exclusive 30-day free trial.

4. Freshsales Superior for Advanced Features



Freshsales took its place among Top CRMs as it is a quality CRM created for high-velocity teams.

The CRM can satisfy the sales teams by helping them control thousands of leads and provide a simple and easy-to-navigate interface at the same time. But what makes this free contact management software really worthy? There are no bulky procedures and complex set up, strong integration possibilities, advanced functionality due to the integrations, the possibility to capture, nurture, score, divide, verify leads, set up various filters, and more.

Regarding Freshsales price, it is free for small teams regardless of their size but with no analytics, file storage, and with other losses. Also, there are 3 paid plans starting at $15 per month. The good thing is that you will get what you paid for, and nothing else, no hidden fees.

Read a Detailed Freshworks Overview


  • Calling functionality
  • Unlimited users
  • Generous support options


  • No reporting 
  • No email integration
  • No workflow automation


  • There is a Free Forever Startup plan
  • Growth plan is $15
  • Pro plan is $39 
  • Enterprise plan is $69 

5. Bitrix24 Prime Selection for Real-time Chat



Best free CRM software picks up Bitrix24 as the solution for collaboration.

It is a very compact solution with complete access to all the primary functions. By the way, the system can help you to merge all your contacts in one dashboard, administer them and send emails directly from there. Also, you will be able to manage projects, use video chats and an in-house social network. Speaking of the benefits of this free online CRM software, it’s worth noting that the solution can work on all devices, operating systems and embedded in social networking profiles.

By, the platform is recommended for small/medium-sized teams and is much suited for the sales. As for the free version, it was noted above that you would get full access to all features. Besides, you can have up to 12 users and 5 GB storage. Otherwise, the paid solution versions do exist, but the difference between them and the free version is small: mainly it depends on the number of users. So, if you want to get more, the price starts at $69/month.

Read a Detailed Bitrix24 Overview


  • Allows you to monitor and visualize the entire sales flow of the company
  • Traceability of prospects and the sources from which they come
  • Multi-agent contact center
  • Automation of recurring tasks and processes


  • Extend the email history to more than 3 months in the case of webmail
  • This free online CRM tool offers the Kanban view visualization for projects to be able to adapt it to the methodology SCRUMBAN


  • Free starter business tool suite for up to 12 users
  • Basic plan for up to 5 users is $49 per month
  • Standard plan for up to 50 users is $99
  • Professional plan for up to 100 users is $199
  • Enterprise plan starts at $399
  • The prices above are for the cloud-based CRM version. On-premise solutions are also available.

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6. Capsule CRM Optimal for Opportunity Administration



Top 10 best free CRM software includes Capsule through its social media leads.

The platform can help you to transform the customer’s relationships into the sales opportunities. As well, the solution can provide its users with the ability to create contact lists, import and classify users by interaction, get statistical reports, track social networks, and store the customer history. By, the Capsule is suitable for the private entrepreneurs, small/medium teams and social network retailers.

The free plan is designed for 2 users, 250 contacts and 10 MB data storage. But, to get wider opportunities, users can get access to two paid plans for $12/month and $24/month.

Read a Detailed Capsule CRM Overview


  • Capsule CRM pricing is competitive 
  • Intuitive interface
  • Works well even with applications like MailChimp and Xero, which are third-party applications
  • Solid integrations with Google and Microsoft
  • Stores a massive number of contacts 
  • Offers a 30-day free trial for all plans
  • Advanced reporting, documentation, storage, lead generation, and chatting features
  • Offers a free plan for the basic level with basic features


  • This free tool does not offer too many marketing features or integrations
  • Requires you to BCC a Dropbox address every time you mail someone to store the communication
  • G-suite integrations are tough and may require support
  • It does not offer birthday/anniversary reminders, which are important to build interpersonal relationships
  • Does not offer email campaigning
  • Limited support channels, no live chat


  • Free, basic version of Capsule is available for up to 2 users. 
  • Starter version is priced at £14
  • Growth version is priced at £27
  • Advanced version is priced at £42
  • Ultimate version is priced at £60

7. SuiteCRM  Top Choice for Comprehensive Marketing Solutions



SuiteCRM’s flexible deployment makes it one of the best free CRM software.

It is another open-source CRM that helps to perform non-traditional CRM tasks. Besides, this solution is marked by the possibility to use it in a private/public cloud, on the own server or Amazon. With the help of SuiteCRM, the user will be able to get detailed statistics for the customers, increase sales and conversions, and improve customer care. Another great platform feature is that you and your team can communicate and get the data access easily. With regard to who is assigned a solution? Then, for everyone (it reliably serves small teams and large and experienced groups).

In the long run, SuiteCRM is free with no any paid plans or hidden maintenance costs. That is, all the features listed in the offer are available for free. 

Read a Detailed SuiteCRM Overview


  • Great customer service tools
  • Plenty of training and support
  • Easily implemented marketing campaigns


  • Stiff learning curve
  • May require a tech staff
  • Complicated integration process


  • Pure SuiteCRM is free. 
  • Starter plan (recommended for 1-10 users) is £100 
  • Business plan (recommended for 5-50 users) is £400 
  • Premium plan (recommended for 10-150 users) is £600

8. vTiger CRM  Pinnacle for Seamless Integrations



The vast array of very standard features makes vTiger CRM one of the best free CRM software.

It is a Sugar-based open source CRM. At first, this free client management software was a part of SugarCRM, but later they became separate platforms. Lately, vTiger offered a free version that we called a shareware freeware because to solution prompted users to install the configured paid version and get unpaid plan only after that. But now vTiger doesn’t offer even that kind of free edition, the most low-cost Pricing plan is $10/month.

Nevertheless, the vTiger CRM advantage is its wide range of features, including inventory tracking, billing and project management capabilities. By the way, those are quite unusual to search in other CRM systems.

Read a Detailed vTiger Overview 


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Reliable tracking system and alerts to maintain overall control of the proceses.
  • Meets all the needs of the average company.


  • Switching among subgroups could be a bit simpler.
  • The Mobile App should have more options.
  • Document customization is difficult sometimes.


  • Rates start at $42 per user, per month (billed annually) or $30 per user, per month (billed monthly)

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9. Zurmo CRM Exemplary for Effective Lead Management



Zurmo CRM is one of the best free CRM software through its possible to mark and predict the main steps toward the desired point.

It is a gamified platform, totally free open source CRM system with a convenient set of features. As well, it can help you to improve customer interaction and create an additional incentive to improve team performance. By, similar to HubSpot, the system combines customer relationship, marketing services, sales, and project management. In addition, the Zurmo advantage is it’s simple, fresh interface and remarkable ease of use.

Besides, this free sales CRM allows the users to develop a platform in accordance with their enterprise requirements, customize all processes, personalize accounts, manage the business, integrate to another soft, etc. So, the platform users are the project teams, small companies, service providers, and retailers. Also, the solution is focused on transnational companies.

Read a Detailed Zurmo CRM Overview


  • Open source CRM backed by strong and vibrant community.
  • User friendly, easy to customize, adopt, use.
  • Unique concepts of conversations, gamification, missions make it fun to work with.
  • Comes with all necessary sales force automation features.


  • This CRM vendor is a relatively new entrant with the limited feature set and lacks significant features available in existing CRM applications.
  • Lacks features for quote management, order management and post-sales support.
  • No integration with social media.
  • No integration with PBX.
  • No integration with accounting software.
  • No support for context-sensitive help.


  • Zurmo pricing starts at $35.00 per user, per month. There is a free version.

10. Agile CRM  Unmatched for Tailored Customizations



Agile CRM is one of the top free CRM software because it is “All-in-One CRM.”

The platform is a novice on the CRM market, but it gains momentum and positive reviews very fast. By the way, this free customer management software has many features, including lead, custom data fields and the ability to track email. Because this crm is designed as the “loving small business” one, its primary use is precisely this market segment.

As for the Agile CRM price matter, the free version allows having up to 10 users and 1000 contacts. In addition, you can get the marketing and service functions, unlimited transactions, and documents access.

In case your business is growing, and you want to get additional features, then upgrade the tariff plan to start at $8.99/user/month. Notice that Agile offers additional Discount for those who pay for 2 years ahead.

So, as you can see, free CRM systems can be good as well as the expensive ones.

Read a Detailed Agile CRM Overview


  • Bulk email functionality
  • Data customization
  • Basic reports included


  • Limited number of contacts 
  • Only one plugin allowed
  • Only one workflow automation


  • Free version available for up to 10 users.
  • Starter version is $8.99 
  • Regular version is $29.99 
  • Enterprise version is $47.99 

The Final Notice to the Top Best Free CRM Software

Now you know what is the best free CRM software and the list of the best free CRM tools. With this information, you can confidently choose the right CRM solution for your business needs. Whether you're a small team or a large enterprise, these free CRM options offer a range of features and capabilities to streamline your sales and customer management processes.

By and large, get information about any one of the above-mentioned CRM platforms, and compare free CRMs at FindMyCRM.

Try out Our Free CRM Comparison Tool


FAQ about Free CRM options

 Is there a 100% free CRM?

Yes, there are several 100% free CRM programs available, such as HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM Free Edition, and Bitrix24 Free CRM. These platforms offer basic CRM functionality at no cost.

Does Google have a free CRM?

While Google itself doesn't offer a standalone CRM, it integrates with various CRM solutions through its Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) platform. Google Workspace users can leverage CRM functionalities through integrations with platforms like HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, and others.

What is the best free CRM for 1 person?

The best CRM for free for a single user depends on specific needs and preferences. However, some popular options for individuals include HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM Free Edition, and Really Simple Systems CRM Free Plan. These CRMs offer basic features suitable for individual users without the need for extensive customization or team collaboration.

What is the best free CRM for small business?

The best free CRM for small businesses often depends on factors such as the size of the business, industry, specific requirements, and budget constraints. However, some widely regarded free CRM options for small businesses include HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM Free Edition, Bitrix24 Free CRM, and Insightly Free Edition. These flexible CRM platforms offer features tailored for small businesses, including contact management, lead tracking, and basic sales automation.

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